Cancer gets attracted to Libra due to their charm, tact and diplomatic skills. They appreciate how beautifully Libra can handle the wildest mood swing of Cancer.

Libra gets attracted to Cancer due to their nurturing nature and love for a beautiful and aesthetic home, and the sense of security that it brings alongside. Both Cancer and Libra are blessed with a strong combination of emotion and intellect. Emotional outbursts are not rare. However, Libra always focuses to find a perspective to every situation, whereas Cancer always fishes out different aspects of a situation.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Emotion) and Libra is ruled by Jupiter (Love) – as such, both of them share passion for romance. Although Libra is known for their balancing nature, they can at times be a little snobbish with rubs the emotional Cancer in the wrong way. However, the good part is that both of them treasure harmony over conflict, if not for their own sake, but for the sake of the ones around them. Cancer is a Water sign while Libra is an Air sign. Cancer needs emotional support while Libra requires stimulation of the mind. There may also be a power play for both like to take the lead. Libra’s indecisive mind may get the required nudge to take a decision from Cancer, while Cancer’s crabby nature may be soothed by Libran charm. Librans may not be as intense as Cancer, while Cancer may not be as practical as Libra. They both need to blend their qualities to work towards a common goal.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman

Cancer man is very emotional, while Libra woman is very carefree. Cancer man requires a lot of attention and expression of love from his partner. Libra woman is too practical to do so. This may make the man feel that his woman does not care for him. Also, there will be a difference of opinion about their approach to budget and finances. From an astrological point of view, this seems to be a fragile bond.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man

Cancer woman is too intense and emotional. Libra man on the other hand is more down to earth and focused. Cancer woman may show too much concern for her man in her quest to seek love and support – this may seem nagging to the Libra man. Also the social man may feel annoyed with the private nature of the woman.

When harmonious and cheerful Libra comes to love the moody and emotional Cancer, it may take some time for them to understand one another and their needs. Libra is social, while Cancer is more private. Libra is practical, while Cancer is emotional. Although they both share their love for beauty and luxury and appreciate a secured and committed relationship, this pairing may take more time to figure out equilibrium. They need to recognize and respect the positive qualities in one another.

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