Simple, straightforward and intelligent Sagittarius seems to perfectly complement emotional and vulnerable Cancer. However, there are differences that have to be conquered to turn the relationship into a lasting one.


In the early stage, Sagittarius may be a little reluctant to get into a commitment which may hurt Capricorn.

But with time Sagittarius will learn to appreciate the pros of stability, while Cancer would enjoy the adventures of life. Also, Sagittarius’ straightforward words may at times hurt the fragile emotions of Cancer. But as understanding deepens, Cancer would be able to appreciate the friendly humor of Sagittarius and the latter would become more sensitive to the needs of the former.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Emotion) while Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (Philosophy). While the former takes care of love, tender feelings and instincts, the latter concentrates on growth and expansion. Cancer is a Water sign and is deeply emotional. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and is all about freedom and energy. Both the combinations can be great when they work towards a common goal. Cancer can be instigator of new plans while Sagittarius would love to explore them. Cancer can teach Sagittarius the boons of endurance while Sagittarius can teach Cancer the virtues of flexibility.

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

If the man and the woman are keen on working on the differences they may eventually complement each other. The man needs to be open a little bit more, and be enthusiastic about a variety of activities. The woman, in turn, needs to slow down a little, and give her man the assurance of a stable secure relationship.

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man

The right effort is required to nurture this relationship. The woman needs to take up new activities and match the zeal that her man has for life. The man in turn needs to be a little more focused on home and family. She should try to open up a little instead of giving the man could shoulder during mood swings. He, in turn, should become a little sensitive to her need to be loved and understood.

Cancer is an emotional soul who is bound by traditions. Sagittarius on the other hand is restless and enjoys wanderlust. As such, both of them have a very different approach to life. So, when these two decide to couple up, a lot of patience and understanding is required from both sides so that the relationship can mature with time into a full beautiful bloom. Sagittarius enjoys a rush of adrenaline. Thrills excite Sagittarius. Cancer is more inclined to stability and security. While Cancer may be a little resistance to all the activities that Sagittarius would like to indulge in, Sagittarius may at times feel a little overwhelmed by the emotional drama that Cancer is capable of. But, overall, Cancer can provide a secure home base to Sagittarius who may be busy in pursuing dreams, while Sagittarius can inject spice of excitement to Cancer’s life.

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