A Cancer-Virgo relationship is between two strong practical minds and has great potential if treated right. Both the partners are sincere, devoted, disciplined and goal oriented.

Both of them possess a strong sense of purpose. As such, both are very sincere about their commitment. Both the partners also enjoy material comforts – but only that which is fruit of their own labor. A Virgo’s urge to serve suits Cancer’s crave for nurturing. Cancer’s affection and understanding appeal to Virgo. However, Cancer’s moody impatience may irk Virgo at times while Virgo’s overtly critical nature may leave a sore spot on Cancer.

Cancer, being influenced by Moon, is blessed with motherly instincts. This is also furthered by the fact that Cancer is a Water Sign. Virgo, being influenced by Mercury, is a star communicator. Being an Earth sign makes Virgo more materialistic and realistic. Virgo has an intellectual approach to life, but is capable to understand the emotions of others. Cancer is more emotional and intuitive, but is also sharp enough to appreciate the need to be down to earth in certain situations. Both the partners love prosperity and like to surround themselves with comforts of the worldly pleasures. Also they share a love for home and family. Virgo is the one that beats the practical challenges by adapting to the needs of the hour, while Cancer is the emotive force behind the relationship that fills it up with love and affection.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman is never tired of cuddling her man – with her strong communication skills expressing love is never an issue with her. A Cancer man in turn gives her an intelligent partner with whom she can share all her thoughts. However, she needs to learn to be a little less critical, while he needs to learn to be a little less sensitive. Otherwise, the relationship stands strong on a mutual affinity for commitment, domesticity and devotion.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

A Cancer woman needs a lot of emotional support and encouragement. A Virgo man can provide her all the security with his warmth and affection. However, she needs to learn to be a little less moody so that her man does not feel irritated. He needs to learn not to dissect every situation in life judgmentally. They both share love of home and family and are happy to connect with each other’s near and dear ones.

Cancer’s slow and sensitive approach to life is beautifully complemented by Virgo’s patient yet practical approach. Although the characteristics are different for both the partners, their simplistic behavior will do away with any kind of complication and fill the relationship with love, affection and compassion. However, Virgo needs to learn to be a less critical and Cancer needs to control their mood swings. These conquered, the love match would keep improving with each passing year.

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