Can you imagine the New Year celebrations without firecrackers and light? Chinese New Year fireworks are one of the most popular and entertaining events in the world. You would surely love the thundering crackers which would spill dazzling effect on the sky.

Fireworks in Chinese New Year

Setting the firecrackers is one of the oldest traditions in Chinese New Year celebrations. It is one of the best fun activities where all the adults and children of China indulge to bid farewell to past year. This is also, considered a celebration to welcome the new beginning.

Chinese New Year fireworks are one of the ancient events over 2000 years. When the clock struck 12 in the midnight, people greet each other, Happy New Year and announce the new beginning with fire works.

People not only set fire crackers in their homes but, gather together to set and witness Chinese New Year fire crackers. On your visit to China don’t miss this breathtaking view of thundering sounds and dark sky being illuminated.

Many official organizations display fireworks on large play grounds which is multicolor. People gather to take pleasure of these Chinese New Year firecrackers events with all their family members after they enjoy greetings at their home. Enjoy this deafening moments when you can witness various shapes and colors on the dark sky which is made by the beautiful fire crackers on Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year traditions for fireworks

It is the time when the ancient traditions are remembered and revamped. With this a very old tale is associated. Fireworks in Chinese New Year were started in the 12th century. It was just an extension to the Chinese gunpowder used during festivals.

Long ago there was a human eater beast called “Nien”. He used to come and eat people on the New Year night. The kids were targeted first by the beast. Chinese families were scared of the beast and to safeguard their children from the beast they offered food to him on New Year eve. The beast continued to trouble the people. Chinese people set off fire crackers to scare the beast. Red colored paint was used to wade off the beast and other evil spirits.

There are many Chinese traditions and beliefs associated with the fireworks during New Year. One of the common beliefs is associated with the dragon. The sleeping dragon is woken up to attract the rain during the summer. Dragon welcomes rain and fosters crops growth. China being agricultural country, it becomes imperative to get rains for the growing crops.

China is the largest producer and exporter of fireworks in the world. Most of the important events like New Year and mid autumn moon festivals are the times when firecrackers are worth sights. With the change in the environmental policies; people are opting for eco-friendly firecrackers. These are less noisy and emit fumes that do not affect the atmosphere.

Wishing you all luck, fortune and prosperity on New Year! Hope you all enjoy the Chinese New Year fireworks with all your loved ones.

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