New Year time is the period when you can witness the different Chinese New Year customs followed by the families. People in China are very traditional and believe in lot of rituals for festivals.

Chinese New Year customs include the various customary practices associated with the festival. From decorations, cuisines to costumes everything is traditional during the Chinese New Year celebrations. Here are the various traditions followed in China during New Year –

Lunar New Year Traditions

It is not just the New Year eve but, long before the arrival of this festival cleaning of house and shops are done by the people. It is Chinese New Year tradition to wash all the curtains and bedspreads before new beginning. The entire house is cleaned and all the waste is thrown out of the house. It is believed that this brings luck and fortune to the family. People ensure that the complete clean-up activity finishes before New Years Eve.

All the family members buy new clothes and go for haircutting. Red and vibrant colors are preferred more and black is not worn on New Years Eve. Black is associated with death and considered inauspicious.

This is one of the very famous Chinese new year beliefs that scissors and knives should be set aside on the New Year. The cut of knives might wade off luck and fortune.

The houses and stores are painted red. More of red colored decorative items are incorporated during the festival. Window dressings and bed spreads are taken in bright colors. ‘Kodamatsu’ is prepared at home and kept at the entrance door to bring longevity to the family members.

Traditions of Chinese New Year include adorning the streets with red lanterns. Chinese people create handmade decorative items to decorate the ambience. Paper and cloth lanterns are hung on the either side of walkways. This is believed to bring luck, longevity and happiness to the families.

On the New Years Eve people dress like lions and dragons to participate in the huge parades which is the pride of Chinese New Year celebrations. People perform dance on the Chinese songs wearing dragon outfits made of fur and fabric. The turns and twists of the snake like dragon structures render a very magnificent view on the festive day.

People write the word ‘fu’ on their walls and doors of their homes and shops. The meaning of this word is ‘luck’. It is one of the very popular Chinese New Year customs to celebrate the Lunar New Year by welcoming fortune and prosperity in their lives.

During the New Year time people enjoy gatherings and prepare for the parties. Special dishes are prepared which is a part of the family dinner. Rice cakes and sweets are symbolic Chinese new year traditional cuisines.

The younger family members visit the elders and exchange gifts during the New Year celebrations. Red envelopes with gold coin, fortune tree and lanterns are some of the traditional Chinese new year gifts.

Wishing you all a very fortunate and prosperous new beginning! Hope you enjoyed the information on Chinese New Year customs.

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