It is new beginning and you would be in mood of festivity. New Year not only marks the beginning but, brings lots of rituals associated with the eve celebrations. Chinese New Year eve celebrations are the best times when you enjoy all the traditions and custom of China.

You can take pleasure of the reunions dinners, traditional decorations, family visits and special rituals practiced on the Chinese New Year eve. You would surely enjoy the fire crackers and other fun activities carried on the New Year eve.

Traditions of Chinese New Year celebrations

Chinese New Year is based on the lunisolar calendar and this is the reason it is also known as ‘Lunar New Year’. The celebrations begin at 11 pm with various traditions and rituals of the Chinese people. The new beginning starts with honoring of ancestors and is followed by the reunion dinner.

This reunion dinner is known as, “Tuan Nian” or “Wei Lu”. The meaning is gathering is families for dinner or to circle around the stove.

People prepare special cuisines on this day for the New Year Eve dinner. Various Chinese dishes like sea food and dumplings are prepared. These are first offered to the ancestors and then enjoyed with the family.

The ancestors are offered fruits, food, flowers, tea and sweets. The main idea is to serve their favorite cuisines. This includes dishes with a meaning. On the eve of New Year whatever food item is prepared, has a meaning behind it. These are all part of the traditions of Chinese New Year.

Family gathering is the foremost priority of Chinese New Year eve. People visit their families. The adults are visited by the younger ones during the festival time. It is one of the age old traditions to meet the elder members and take the blessings for coming year.

The Chinese families are closely knit. They consider themselves a group of living and dead members. Homage to the deceased members is considered very auspicious. It is believed that the ancestors would take care of the family and bless them with longevity and happiness.

Unity is most important virtue on the Lunar New Year eve. It is believed that in any of the social, religious and non religious festivals the family should revamp the family values like loyalty, bond and affection. During the worship time incense sticks offered as part of New Year custom.

It is not just the new beginning which is celebrated on the Eve of Chinese New Year. The Chinese people bid farewell to the old passing year and welcome the new one with the same enthusiasm and happiness.

During the noon time ‘ci nian’ ceremony is performed by the traditional Chinese families. This custom is performed to enjoy the farewell offered to the old year. It is done by offering sacrifices to the heavenly gods, ancestors and also to the wandering souls to make them rest in peace. Gods of the property ‘Tu Di Gong’ who is considered god is groundwork is offered homage.

Hope you have blast in the Chinese New Year eve and take pleasure of the fun moments with all your loved ones.

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