Gemini truly believes that variety adds spice to life and is always striving for constant change. They believe in freedom of expression and enjoy intelligent conversations.

They are full of new ideas and theories which they are eager to share with their partner. Gemini also is a strong believer of personal freedom. It should never be expected of a Gemini to be bound by routine. They are always looking for new ventures to enrich their life’s experiences. However, they shall not necessarily finish what they take up – for their mind is somewhere one moment, while somewhere else the other moment.

Gemini responds to romance with rationale rather than passion. They attach great importance to the intellectual capabilities of their partner and also their zeal to reach out, communicate, quip and banter. But they should also think of keeping in mind their partner’s emotions and feelings. In an argument sarcasm and cynicism may cause hurt, and create a deep permanent wound – control over speech is one thing that should be mastered for harmony.

Most importantly, Gemini should learn to take the relationship more seriously than they normally do. The art of compromise is also one thing they should learn. Along with personal freedom one should also remember what is good for the couple as a unit. Gemini should learn that in an intimate relationship, the two partners form a single unit and all decisions should be taken considering the benefits of the unit as a whole.

A love match between two Gemini people would see a zealous bond between two witty, intelligent and adventurous souls who are always looking to explore. Gemini individuals always succumb to dual personalities. They are influenced by Mercury that brings about versatility and adaptability, but also inconsistency and impatience alongside. One moment you may find them happy and composed, the very other second they may seem anxious and brooding. This indecisive nature also has imbibed in them a fear for commitment. Also they do not appreciate stability; they are always looking for something new to stimulate them. This may bring a lot of energy and fun in the relationship and ensures that they can keep each other engaged and entertained for a long time.

However, a Gemini always thinks with the mind; and not with the heart – as such the decisions are never guided by emotions. They find it difficult to stay glued to one thing for long – and when they make up their mind to move on, they simply do without much afterthought. Also, Gemini being an Air sign is a master communicator. However sometimes Gemini confuses communication skills with gossip – this may land them into trouble at times. If they can restrain from competing with each other and instead resolve to cooperate and coordinate, and show a little more compassion, the relationship will turn to be a fulfilling one.

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