Leo and Gemini are both star communicators, one being ruled by the Sun and the other being dominated by Mercury. However, the approach is different for the two, and this may lead to heated conversations.

Leo is demonstrative and enjoys drama, Gemini is intelligent and loves change. Where Gemini is mentally stimulated by the arguments, Leo feels ruffled by it. Gemini is an Air Sign while Leo is a Fire Sign.

Air may act as a catalyst to spread fire – Gemini’s intellect and ideas may act an inspiration to make proactive Leo jump into action. While Leo and Gemini are both creative; Leo is charmed by Gemini’s thoughts while Gemini has no issues keeping up with Leo’s energy. As a couple, both would have active lifestyle and would have a lot to share with one another.

Although Leo is a great leader, there is a streak of stubbornness and resolution about Leo that promotes rigidity restricts change and flexibility. The positive side of the story is that when Leo makes up mind, there is nothing that can stop them to accomplish what they want. Gemini on the other hand is whimsical and fickle minded. Gemini gets bored easily and tends to abandons projects easily. In a partnership, Gemini becomes a thought leader while Leo is left to handle the action part. Gemini is happy controlling the strings from the backstage while Leo enjoys the spotlight.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman

Gemini man and Leo woman would share a great degree of compatibility. The individuals are social – but then again both want to be the center of attraction – they need to learn to share the limelight. They both have a lot of energy – the direct and decisive Leo may help the Gemini choose the right path. But if the Leo woman gets too bossy, the Gemini man may be ticked off. She also needs to learn to let her man have his own space and be a little less suspicious. In turn, he needs to tone down his urge to play around.

Gemini Woman and Leo Man

A Leo man and Gemini woman make a high spirited and playful couple. They both enjoy each other’s sense of humor and take up a lot of adventurous ventures together. The relationship will also be peppered with a lot of romance and passion. The woman, however, needs to be a little less blunt with her words so that the pride of her man is not hurt.

From an astrological point of view, the match between Gemini and Leo is a match between two fun-loving, adventurous souls who like to spend time in each other’s company. Both have varied interests and enjoy great interesting conversations with one another. However, Leo believes in long lasting relationships while Gemini likes to be always on the move, and this may spark the jealous traits in Leo. Also, the sharp words of Gemini may at times hurt the ego of Leo.

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