Libra is ruled by Planet Venus, the Planet of Love; while Gemini is ruled by Planet Mercury, the Planet of Communication. As such, a partnership between Libra and Gemini is one that strives for harmony through communication and mutual exchange of ideas.

Both the sun signs are elements of Air. They have interests in a varied range of subjects and as such make striking conversations with one another and also stimulate each other’s sharp mind.

When together, these two would be a storehouse of innovations and ideas. Gemini likes to stop at just that. Gemini’s fickle mind would them move on to invent something more. Trying to force to restrict Gemini would only cause a trail of heated arguments. Libra, on the other hand, loves new ideas equally – but also likes to put the ideas to action – Libra does not like to stop at fabricating dreams without making them come true. Also, Libra’s love of harmony and peace, and devotion to partner would not let any kind of argument substantiate or hamper the equilibrium of the relationship in any way.

Another important aspect of the relationship is the fact that Gemini does not mind being lead by Libra who likes to hold the decisive part in the relationship. Gemini is generally happy to go along and does not even mind any last minute changes. Flexibility to change gears at short notice is what keeps the relationship full of energy and vibrancy.

Gemini Man and Libra Woman

Gemini man and Libra woman share a chemistry that is unmatched. Her passionate nature finds a partner who can catch up in a Gemini man. She brings balance and stability to the relationship while allowing her man to be outgoing and social. In fact, she enjoys seeing an intellectual conversationalist in her man. He in turn gets stimulated by her adventurous nature and innovative ideas.

Gemini Woman and Libra Man

This love match is between two imaginative and innovative minds. His passion amuses her while her social charm makes her a trophy partner for Libra. The best part of the relationship is that neither of the partners restricts each other’s privacy and freedom. The one thing they have to be careful about is finances for both have an indulgent nature in that aspect.

Mental agility and intellectual compatibility is what will make a relationship between Gemini and Libra start with zest. Both the sun signs are blessed with a lot of mental energy and when they come together than can weave a lot of great ideas. The dual nature of Gemini is stabilized by the balanced direction that Libra provides to the relationship. Both the partners have interest in beauty, art and fine things. They are also great intellectual match for one another. Gemini respects the equilibrium that Libra helps her/him to attain bringing peace of decision to the unrest indecisive mind. Libra is amused and entertained by the chatty Gemini who always makes homecoming interesting.

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