Gemini and Pisces complement each other perfectly and contribute towards a mutually satisfying relationship. Gemini and Pisces make great friends and that makes their bonding a compatible one.

Gemini has tongue firmly in cheek. They are intelligent and have an excellent sense of humor. Pisces is intuitive, kind and emotional and are blessed with an open mind. Gemini can provide direction and focus to Piscean dreams. Both are mentally agile, subtly sensitive and can adapt to the needs of the changing times. This relationship is all about flexing to suit each other’s needs and also to develop deep rooted connection with one another.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication; and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and Neptune, the Planet of Illusion. Mercury contributes to the intellect, quick wit and creative ideas of Gemini. Jupiter makes Pisces philosophical and imbibes in them the lust to know more. Neptune blesses Pisces with an intuitive charm. As such, Pisces can connect with Gemini in depth, and Gemini can relate to the dreams and desires of Pisces easily. Gemini is an Air sign and Pisces is a Water Sign. This makes the combination possess an intellectual focus as well as an emotional and intuitive approach.

The only trouble that can mar the happiness of this union is a snap in communication. This may make Pisces feel that Gemini is insensitive to their needs. Also, the blunt words of Gemini may hurt sensitive Pisces at times. Gemini, in turn, may sometimes feel trapped by Piscean sensitivity. They key here is to give each other a lot of space. The good news is that neither of them are prone to hold on to a grudge, they get over their hurts soon, and get eager to explore together the ways of the world.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman’s love match would succeed if the woman learns to adapt to the changing minds of her man and his dual nature. Pisces woman is very emotional and sensitive and expects her partner to be the same. But Gemini man’s detached nature may make her feel uncared for.

Gemini Woman and Pisces Man

The passion of Pisces man is what attracts Gemini woman like a magnet. However, there are chances of a communication gap between the two. Pisces is emotional, but not expressive; Gemini is expressive, but detached. Pisces man is a very caring and understanding partner. The Gemini woman has to encourage her man to open up, and learn to show her affections to make him feel secure.

Both Pisces and Gemini have tendencies to go with the flow. They are open to new ideas, innovations, creations and opinions. Both of them are adjusting. However, Gemini is more practical while Pisces lives in a dreamland. But Pisces being empathetic and Gemini being communicative would bridge any differences and create a bond that would be fulfilling to both.

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