Gemini and Scorpio would need to celebrate their differences if they want to come together in a love affair and make it a happy one.

Gemini is flexible, fun loving, highly intellectual; but a little self centered. Scorpio, on the other hand, is focused, intense, determined; but also plagued by jealousy. Gemini has a carefree and detached approach to everything in life including their relationship and partner.

Scorpio, being ruled by Mars (Passion) and Pluto (Power) however, needs intense emotional security and deep rooted connection and intimacy with partner. Gemini is outgoing and exuberant; Scorpio is private and quiet. Scorpio needs reassurance of loyalty and dedication from partner – Gemini, with the excellent communication skills that Mercury blesses her/him with, should have no problems providing that as long as Gemini understands how important it is to her/his partner.

Gemini being an Air sign complements Water sign Scorpio for they bring the balance of mind (intellect) and heart (emotions). The only thing to be concerned about is whether Scorpio’s manipulative emotional attacks would harm the free flow of Gemini; and whether Gemini’s airy spirit would leave Scorpio ruffled and choppy. The trick is to learn to let master strategist Scorpio take the lead in planning and then over enthusiastic Gemini execute as her/his partner helps to teach focus and concentration.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman captivates Gemini man with her dedication and loyalty; while Gemini man captures Scorpio woman’s heart with his zeal for life. The woman needs to learn to be patient with her whimsical man and also be less demanding of him. The man in turn needs to think deeply and get a little more involved than he usually cares to.

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

Scorpio man would have a lot of expectations from his woman which a flighty Gemini would find difficult to cope up with. The fun loving and extrovert woman can cause jealousy to her possessive man. The man may then get emotionally manipulative for Scorpio seldom forgets or forgives. Also he needs to learn to open up a little for his chatty woman.

Gemini-Scorpio relationship is anything but a dull one. In fact the relationship, on the contrary, would be a highly passionate one, though peppered by heated arguments. Enthusiastic and communicative Gemini loves a healthy debate, and in fact gets intellectually stimulated by a good debate, but is generally neither jealous nor vengeful. Scorpio, on the other hand, would take an argument to heart – they are jealous, possessive and like to play the dominating role. Gemini is social and likes to flaunt partner – they do not even find being a little playfully flirtatious. Scorpio, conversely, is secretive and value privacy a lot. The bubbly nature of Gemini may flicker jealousy in Scorpio for they are extremely possessive about their partner. The relationship would require conscious efforts to reconcile so as to bring back harmony. However, there is a huge similarity between the two – both of them like to take chances and have an adventurous life. They need to value their relationship, belittle their differences and then plan to enjoy life as an adventure they have embarked upon together.

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