To make a love bond between Gemini and Virgo a lasting one, it is important that both the partners try and understand the view points of each other.

Although both the signs are ruled by the Planet of Communication, Mercury, Gemini represents the masculine aspect of it while Virgo has the feminine traits. Virgo always looks for a dependable partner and a stable relationship and as such uses the communicative skills to bridge the gap between the partners. Gemini reciprocates by understanding the needs of Virgo, but is also bound by the constraints of whimsical nature.

Virgo is an Earth sign and as such is down to earth, precise and prosaic. Gemini is an Air sign and likes to float with the flow. Virgo is fussy and judgmental, while Gemini is detached and capricious – this can also cause trouble between the two. Gemini has to me more focused on the relationship and should win the trust of Virgo through words and action. Virgo, in turn, should let Gemini move around at free will trusting that Gemini will come back for the value of the relationship. Both the sun signs have flexible nature – but Gemini is more wishful while Virgo backs plans with action.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

A relationship between Gemini man and Virgo woman would start off with élan. They would seem to gel well and match their frequencies perfectly. But to make this relationship stand the test of time, it is required for both the partners to be adjusting and flexible. The woman is exacting, precise and judgmental – also, she is not afraid to speak her mind – this may not only annoy the man, but also make him feel trapped. On the other hand, the man is always in two minds and also has flirtatious tendencies, which may make the woman angry and even jealous. The man needs to learn to focus on the relationship while the woman needs to let her man lone at times.

Gemini Woman and Virgo Man

Both Gemini woman and Virgo Man would look at the world at large from an intellectual point of view. However, the way they see and deal with the nuances of life are different, and this is what sparks the argument. Gemini’s flighty nature irritates Virgo while Virgo’s preciseness makes Gemini feel strained. The best way to balance her lack of tact and his overtly critical nature is to respect each other’s opinions so as to maintain transparency and free flow of communication. The woman brings fun and excitement to her man’s life, while the man teaches his woman to comprehend the depths of life.

A love match between Gemini and Virgo is a one between two intelligent and practical individuals that stands on a strong pillar of camaraderie. However, both also have the tendency to bottle up feelings which may become a breeding ground of misunderstanding. Gemini brings to the relationship passion while Virgo gifts it stability giving the relationship sustenance.

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