From an astrological point of view, the union of Leo and Aquarius is the perfect example of unity in diversity – these two make a congenial pair even though there are a lot of differences between the two.

The ruling star of Leo is the Sun that blesses with radiant energy. The ruling Planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus blessing the person with creativity and perseverance. Both the partners are full of zeal and zest, and are very idealistic in their approach to life. Leo admired Aquarius for their individualism and creativity; while Aquarius finds Leo’s dignity and charm irresistible.

Also Leo can help to drive Aquarian dreams to reality. However, these two may get into competition at times for both of them have strong minds and capability to act upon their out of the box ideas. Both the partners would value their independence and when Leo starts to show the demanding side of her/his nature, it ticks off Aquarius. Also the detached nature of Aquarius may hurt emotional Leo. The relationship requires open communication to make things work in the positive direction.

Leo is a Fire sign and Aquarius in Air sign – these two together can fly very high if they work towards the same goal. Together they can contribute towards each other’s personal growth and development. Both the partners would have interests in multiple topics. Leo gets smitten by Aquarius’ original and creative ideas, and in turn encourages Aquarius to carry on with what they envision. Both these sun signs make devoted partners. When they are ready to share the position of the dominating figure with each other, the relationship will be successful.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

Here the man needs to understand her woman’s need for independence, liberty and the fact that it is her nature to be discrete at times. In turn, the woman has to give her man a lot of adoration and understand his need for an intimate bonding. A Leo man is concentrated on his own problem, while Aquarius woman will be concerned with the world around. These two opposing ideas should be understood by each other.

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man

Here, both the partners would have unique talents and this will keep the spark alive for both these sun signs admire new things. However, the sarcastic nature of the man may bruise the tender heart of the woman, while the need of intimacy of the woman may make the man feel suffocated.

Confidence and intelligence of Aquarius attracts Leo. Leo’s charm in turn makes Aquarius go head over heels. Confluence of Aquarian foresight with creativity of Leo can take the world at their feet even though there would be differences in opinion regarding a lot of topics between the two. However, to make this relationship work, both the partners would need to shed their ego. Also Aquarius needs to understand that harsh criticism would hurt Leo’s sense of pride and self esteem. Together they make an energetic match and would be attracted to all novelties and thrills. There will never be a dull moment when Leo and Aquarius become partners.

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