When two Leos come together it is a love match between two creative, friendly and sociable individuals who would want the world to pause to give them attention and center stage. Also they come with looks that attract.


The package of course is irresistible. And when a Leo falls in love, she/he does not believe in holding back emotions.

A love match between two Leos will never lack enthusiasm or energy. This is but natural since Leo is a Fire sign. Things can even get dramatic at times. Both the partners would have affinity towards the finer things in life and never shrink from filling up their life with what they enjoy. However, passion too, when extreme, can cause distress – it is either best or worst for Leo. Also, there is a chance of power struggle between the two. The partners would have to learn to yield and make concessions for the good times to last.

The guiding star of Leo is the Sun – the star around which the universe rotates. So one can but only expect Leos to be a little too focused on themselves. So the Leo-Leo bond deals with two very powerful, strong and opinionated minds who border around being stubborn and never cares to budge. Both would have the tendency to take the lead. Also they have the tendency to exaggerate at times. The fiery Leo tends to lose temper at the slightest pretext. They have a streak of jealousy in them too. Both the partners would be social themselves but would get jealous if one sees the other one interacting intensely with someone else.

The first thing that a Leo in a relationship should learn is that a partnership is not about one person. There should be a give and take. This includes exchanging ideas, listening to one another, trying to accept reasoning and also trusting the partner. In a nutshell, the mighty Leo needs to look beyond the self to achieve harmony.

Leos are warm and romantic. Leos are eloquent and passionate. They like to live life “King Size”. They are all about flamboyance. Modesty is an art they are yet to master. They love to lead a social life. They enjoy a lot of appreciation; in fact, they crave for attention, love and recognition. They are very self indulgent and love being pampered too. However, they also make very dependable and trustworthy friends. In a love relationship between two Leos, both the partners should keep in mind the fact that although both of them would want to take the lead there will be a resistance from both the sides too to succumb to the domination. This may become a cause of serious dispute. Also, they need to learn that since both the partners are self centered they should give what they expect in return. If the partners value each other, the match can be a great one.

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