Astrologically speaking, Leo and Libra share a deep understanding about the working mechanism in each other. This helps them to create the equilibrium for Leo’s bounty of energy gets beautifully balanced by Libra’s sense of harmony.

Leo and Libra are both outgoing, enjoy company of friends, prefer direct communication and are peace loving. Leo’s flamboyance is soothed by Libran calmness.

Libra knows exactly how to tame the acerbic Leo with charm and tactics. Libra, on the other hand, benefits from Leo by learning to be a little spontaneous. Libra is generally in two minds about taking any decision – Leo may help in taking a decision and then acting upon it. These attributes benefit in nurturing the relationship.

However, the couple should also be aware of each other’s feelings and desires. Leo is more about active action while Libra delves is passive outlook. Both of them share a variety of interests – they should allow each other to pursue them. One is about endurance, and the other is whimsical. The toughest part is to make the mighty Leo learn the art of compromise. Libra, being balanced, knows where the buck stops and where flexibility is required.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, adds warmth to the liaison; while Libra, ruled by Venus, adds passion to it. This also balances the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the Venus. Leo is a Fire sign, while Libra is an Air sign. Combined, these two can act for one another if tuned right. A relationship that has the right mix of romance and energy is sure to stand the test of time.

Leo Man and Libra Woman

This relationship is sure to see the man taking the lead and the woman peacefully following suit. The woman’s indecisive nature brings the man further into limelight for a Leo never hesitates to jump into conclusion. She loves the luxuries of life, and he shall be with her in it. Both the partners would also be very prone to spending, and this should be regulated for future security.

Leo Woman and Libra Man

This match will have two partners who can understand each other perfectly. Leo woman’s need to attention will be dutifully met by Libra man without an iota of hesitation for he is one of the most romantic amongst the sun signs. In turn, he enjoys unadulterated devotion.

From an astrological point of view, Zodiac Compatibility between Leo and Libra can be achieved if both the partners learn to appreciate the complementary traits in each other and form a team to act as one. Love will be very much in the air when these two sun signs come together for they both enjoy indulging in romantic tidbits like candlelight dinner, long drives, weekend cruises and so on. Both the partners are social and like to enjoy each other’s company in social gatherings too. The bonding that these two would develop would be strong enough to battle the differences and make this a successful union.

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