When Libra and Aquarius join hands in a love match they each can contribute to heighten the spiritual consciousness of the other.

They make a perfect pair because they have similar expectations from their partner and would give exactly as much as they are willing to. Both the sun signs make energetic and enthusiastic individuals, and as such, they would not let boredom creep into their relationship.

Aquarius is the most progressive thinker among the sun signs, while Libra is the greatest diplomat. They both love intellectual freedom. Also they never restrict their thoughts to the confines of their home – they like to contribute towards the betterment of the world at large and do something remarkable for their fellow beings. Libra’s indecisive nature gets a direction with Aquarius’ support; Libra’s sense of balance keeps Aquarius’ temper tamed. Since Libra abhors conflict no dispute between the two would stand for long. Also when Aquarius’ high thinking gets a pinch of salt added to it from reality, Libra helps to smoothen up the ruffled feathers.

Libra is influenced by Venus, the Planet of love. Aquarius is influenced by Uranus and Saturn, the Planets of Rebellion and Karma respectively. This combination can be a highly productive one and whatever projects these two take up as a team would surely see the light of success. Both Libra and Aquarius being Air signs, they constantly stimulate each other intellectually. Libra is a great initiator, while Aquarius’ determination gets them accomplished. The best part is that neither strive for limelight and there will never be a clash due to that in the partnership.

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

This would make a romantic and passionate match. Her looks and his nature would bring them together. However, he would have to adjust with her adamant nature at times; while she would have to deal with his mood swings.

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

The charm of the Libran woman and the intelligence of the Aquarius man would make the two come together. Both would enjoy freedom and space. The only factor that may cause disturbance at times is her changing moods, and his short temper.

Both Libra and Aquarius share a lot of similar traits that would spark the attraction between the two. Both of them enjoy socializing and making new friends. Both of them have interest for fine arts. Also both have very independent spirits and lively demeanor. As such they shall never get bored of each other’s company. They would make a compatible pair whose relationship would be exciting both sensually and psychologically. However, Aquarian mood swings should be kept at bay. If they lose control of their anger, they may hurt the sensitive and emotional Libra even if they don’t want to. The couple should also give each other a lot of space and independence of the individuals to thrive well. If they are happy as a person, they would be able to make each other happy in return thereby creating a compatible union.

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