When two Libra people come together, the union is all about peace and harmony. They have the talent to magically balance and beautify anything they touch.

Libra loves partnership and that includes romantic partnership as well. Libra loves to be loved, and hates conflicts. Even a minor argument makes them feel very uncomfortable and ill at ease.

As such they do not even hesitate to back out if a chance of conflict arises. Libra is also romantic at heart. They would date in the most romantic way. Also they would find something or the other in their partner that they shall adore and admire. Librans make very doting and sincere partners. When two Librans enter into domesticity, their home will be filled with beautiful objects and they would be surrounded by comforts. When two Librans come together they understand each other’s sensibilities perfectly. They happily share their interests with each other to make the union blissful.

The ruling Planet of Libra is Venus. Venus is known as the Planet of Love. Beauty, sensuality and aesthetics are integral parts of Libra since they are the essential characteristics of Venus. They love to indulge themselves and also to pamper their loved ones. This can at times prove to be not so good a thing for too much indulgence may lead to health related issues. The problem is Libra cannot resist what they want – be it good food, good clothes, good book et al. When both the partners have this trait then none can stop the other. They should consciously put a check on this.

Libra is an Air sign – their mental ability is something that they prize. In the sphere of their friends they are known to be intellectuals. As such, they look for a partner who can match this frequency. Another Libran fits the requirement perfectly. They enjoy spending time with their partners and engage in mentally stimulating conversation. They like to take initiatives, work around them and motivate each other to do so too. Both the partners would also enjoy cultural pursuits. In love, Libra is persuasive yet courteous and diplomatic. Even when in conflict they know how to hold their head high, maintain the honor and solve the issue in a decent manner.

Harmony and balance are integrals parts of Libran characteristics. As such, when two Librans come together in a love match, a perfect equilibrium would be attained, for both the partners would strive to make it happen that way. Libra is generous and kind and is blessed with cheerful and polite demeanor. They are intelligent and have a strong sense of aesthetics – they appreciate a stimulating conversation, a work of art and talent in any form. However, they are too sensitive, and at times indecisive. Also they are subjected to mood swings at times. But then they make very affectionate and sincere partners. They never dominate over their partner, but try to understand them to attain the proper equilibrium.

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