People born under sun sign Sagittarius are travelers at heart – they are always looking forward to enjoy new experiences and getting intellectually stimulated.

They find a true companion in Libra who has a keen eye towards arts, aesthetics and learning. The relationship is always fresh as morning dew for these two are always doing something new and novel to keep up the excitement factor. They are both full of enthusiasm and optimism.

They also have a deep understanding of one another’s nature and this too contributes in taking their romance to a brand new high. But Sagittarius should be mindful of their harsh tongue for it may hut the sensitive Libra. But the good part is that Libra is not only good at forgiving and forgetting, but also avoids conflicts at all costs. As such in their diplomatic and charming manner Libra always finds a way to smoothen up the ruffled feathers.

Libra is ruled by the Planet of Love, Venus; while Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet of Luck and Philosophy, Jupiter. The former is attributed feminine characteristics while the latter masculine characteristics. As such when they come together they complete a circle beautifully. Libra being an Air sign and Sagittarius being a Fire sign together add a lot of kinetic energy. Intelligent Libra lets Sagittarius believe that they are taking the lead while she/he gently keeps the steering under own control. Also Libra is full of new ideas and Sagittarius is happy to go along with their mate to experiment new things. They both give each other a lot of space and freedom too and these cumulatively make up a happy partnership.

Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman

This will be one of the best matched pairs from the astrological point of view. They will encourage each other to reach new heights. Sagittarius woman’s versatile nature will fuel Libra’s capacity to come up with new ideas. She in turn will delight him by going with his flow. She only needs to remember to be gentle in her approach with her sensitive man.

Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man

This pair would share a wonderful and intimate bonding that is full of understanding. Sagittarius man has the capacity to express his feelings and this will make his romantic Libra woman feel wanted and special. His spontaneity will even wipe away her moments of gloom. She in turn reverts with admiration and devotion.

Intelligent and fun loving Sagittarius is a great match to romantic yet balanced Librans. From an astrological point of view, Sagittarius is just two positions apart from Libra in the chart and it is believed that as such these two signs would share deep connection and would have special understanding of each other. Sagittarius is lively, simple, innocent, and likes to mingle with people. Libra is also social and pleasant, but is subjected to mood swings at times. Sagittarius’ wisdom will quietly in their own gentle way ensure that Libra regains the balance and reset mental peace for Libra is always looking to attain the right equilibrium. Together they would make a harmonious pair.

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