When Libra and Scorpio join their hands in a love relationship, they meet the emotional needs of each other beautifully.

Scorpio may get a little confused about their own emotions and tend to brood a little, but Libra with their knack of balance and harmony restores the equilibrium in no time. Scorpio in turn helps Libra to focus on life’s issues, a characteristic trait that Libra falters in.

This way their union complements each other in a beautiful way. Actually these two share the similar requirements and expectations from their partner and from a romantic relationship in general. Libra is happiest when they have a balanced and cozy relationship with their mate, and Scorpio is always looking for an intense emotional and sensual intimacy from their partner. As such they form a loyal and satisfying bond.

Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus, which is the planet of Love. Scorpio’s dual guardians are Planets Mars and Pluto. Mars is all about passion and Pluto attributes to Power. A union of passion and romance is important to make a romance thrive. As for Power, it is the controlling factor that guides Libra to a path of decisive living setting aside their indecisive nature. Libra is an Air sign and Scorpio is Water sign and these two can work well together if they gel as a unit. Libra is the one to think of innovative ways to liven up the relationship, while Scorpio has the patience to execute those plans. Also, both of them have enigmatic personalities and know exactly how to charm their partners.

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

The only point of conflict in this relation may arise due to Libra man’s frolicking nature. Scorpio woman may feel ignored and she then secretly plans revenge. These two should keep communication open and egos at bay and the union will be free of trouble.

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

Scorpio man gets attracted to Libra woman due to her charm and beauty. Libra woman in turn is smitten by the man’s intense emotions. However the woman should be mindful of being reserved in public or it may spark jealousy in her man.

Libra is intelligent with charming personality. Scorpio is a serious person who is determined to achieve what she/he aims for. Libra is easy going, while Scorpio never takes commitments lightly. Scorpio is never going to tolerate flirtatious nature of Libra. When the two decide to indulge in a serious relationship, Scorpio can actually teach Libra the true meaning of love and dedication. Libra in turn would fill up the stern world of Scorpio with romance and passion. Both enjoy challenges and are open to taking risks. Also both of them are learners for life and they would enjoy learning about each other’s characteristics as well. Moreover, this open minded attitude ensures that their relationship would never become stagnant. Although they have differences, they can wisely use the best in each and create a happy union.

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