Chinese New Year in Malaysia is a grand festival, celebrated with great zeal and pomp in most part of the country.

The holidays marking the Spring Festival and Chinese New Year celebrations are highly significant s to the Chinese community in Malaysia. However, other communities also get the chance to be a part of the feisty celebrations and witness the joyous events that are organized during this time of the year.

For 2019, the Year of the Pig would be welcome with a spectacular line up of events. The first day of the Chinese lunar calendar month would come alive as different parts of Malaysia gets into the festive mood.

Celebration for Chinese New Year goes on for 15 days. It starts with the first day of the Chinese Lunar Month and concludes on the 15th night, which is also commonly referred in Malaysia as Chap Goh Mei. It is popularly called as the Lantern Festival that marks the end of the festivities. However, preparations for the festival start early on to ensure that the year brings in great fortune and prosperity throughout with good beginnings planned at the start. People in Malaysia enjoy a public holiday and school remains close for a week for marking the Chinese New Year. However, Terengganu and Kelantan do not declare state holidays for this festival. For 2019, the events for welcoming the Lunar Year would commence on January 28, 2019.

Malaysia seems to glow in red color as decorations around most houses are themed on this bright tint. People get busy crafting beautiful lanterns and decorating orange trees and cherry blossoms. Chinese community in Malaysia fills up their homes with bright decorations and start cleaning before the arrival of the New Year to invite good luck and prosperity. A lavish reunion dinner is often organized on New Year’s Eve by families and friends. It is the perfect time for reminiscing old memories and rejoicing with loved ones. Chinese restaurants in Malaysia also offer special deals on dinner with specialty meals made of chicken, fish and pork being it favorites for revelers.

Fun doubles for revelers as they usher in the New Year. For those who wish to be a part of the fun events to take place in Malaysia during Chinese New Year festival can also visit a few places to welcome the Year of the horse in great style. Thean Hou Temple is the place to be at in Kuala Lumpur to ring in Chinese New Year in 2019. Beautifully adorned Tanglungs enhance the beauty of the place. Visitors throng the temple especially during the Lantern Festival.

Take a trip to the Golden Triangle, Buddhist Temples and Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur to feel the exuberance and cheer that surrounds the Chinese New Year in Malaysia. It is a different experience to be at the Golden Triangle once during the 15-day period for which Lunar New Year celebrations are carried out in Malaysia. Watch lion shows, dance and musical performances and parade through the Chinatown for making your Chinese New Year in Malaysia truly memorable.

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