You are planning to throw New Year bash this year for all your near and dear ones. You would be searching for the different ways to entertain your guests.

Here are very interesting Chinese New Year quiz questions with the answers for you impress and amuse your friends and families.

The quiz on Chinese New Year is not just for fun but can increase your general knowledge on this traditional festival.

What are waiting for? Arrange this amazing Chinese New Year quiz round and surprise everyone with the participation gifts. Declare the winners at the end to make it more engaging.


Chinese New Year Trivia Questions


  1. What determines the start of the Chinese New Year?a.the new moon on the first day of the new year
    b.exactly twenty-nine days after the earth completes a revolution around the sun
    c.the fourth Thursday in January
    d.a Chinese monk who chooses the day according to tradition
  2. There is a grand celebration that takes place about fifteen days after the day of the Chinese New Year. What is it called?a.Lunar Celebration
    b.Lantern Festival
    c.The Kiss of Heaven
    d.Day of the Dragon
  3. How many years apart are the years of the zodiac animals? For example: when it is the year of the monkey, how many years ago was the last year of the monkey?a.10
  4. Which of the following is not an animal on the Chinese zodiac?a.Pig
  5. Which year of the zodiac was it in 2005?a.Year of the Dog
    b.Year of the Horse
    c.Year of the Rooster
    d.Year of the Tiger
  6. Which of the following is most widely accepted legend pertaining to the order of the Chinese zodiac?a.the animals are in order of the gods’ favorite to least favorite
    b.the animals go in order of creation, first created to last created
    c.the largest animal was first, the smallest last
    d.the animals would race across a river, the first to win headed the cycle
  7. Why would a person in China most likely ask another person what their animal is? see what type of pets they might own buy them gifts for their year find their exact age see who should receive respect because they are older
  8. Which of these is most widely celebrated at the time of the Chinese New Year?a.Family ties
    b.The nation’s people
    c.Chinese heroes
    d.Old World culture
  9. What of these acts is extremely important for preparing for the Chinese New Year?a.Wearing loose-fitting garments for folk dancing
    b.Cooking a traditional Chinese meal
    c.Cleaning every part of the house
    d.Hanging Chinese decorations on the outside of the house
  10. Which of the following is most characteristic of New Year celebrations in a “Chinatown” instead of in China?a.Many people take a week or more off work
    b.The stores in Chinatown are shut down for a day
    c.The parade is a fundraiser for local hospitals
    d.The celebration is much longer

Have fun playing this interesting Chinese New year quiz with all the guests in the party. You can also, have two rounds where, one is for the adults and the second for the children.

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