Sagittarius is easy going with an academic bend of mind. They are whimsical in their approach and lives life by taking into account one day at a time.

They, being influenced by Planet Jupiter, are learners at heart who seek knowledge just for the sake of learning. There is no purpose behind it. They are typically impatient. They don’t wait to jump into anything that catches their fancy.

Waiting to weigh pros and cons is not their cup of tea. Also, they do not necessarily accomplish all the projects they take up. Their mind may soon move on to something else. They are social and like meeting new people. Capricorn, on the other hand, is serious about everything they do. They are all about planning their action to the minutest possible details.

Organization comes to them naturally being ruled by Planet Saturn. They also are eager about projects, but they always pick them after considering the purpose it would serve. They are shy and reserve and do not open up easily. Sagittarius has Fire element and as such has sparks of inspiration; Capricorn has Earth elements and is practical about execution.

Early in the relationship, they may find themselves picking at each other frequently finding fault in what the other does. To Capricorn, Sagittarius comes across as someone irresponsibly unruly. To Sagittarius, Capricorn comes across as snob and elitist. But once they learn to see past all that and focus on each other’s strengths, they would find that they can learn a lot from one another. Sagittarius can spice up Capricorn’s life with adventure and excitement, while Capricorn can teach the knowledge of attending to details.

Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman

These two partners would find it difficult to meet each other’s expectations. Capricorn woman’s lifestyle would seem dull to Sagittarius man, while the man’s adventurous lifestyle may not suit the woman’s taste. The relationship can last if the woman learns to loosen up a bit, while the man learns to be more serious.

Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man

Her fun loving and social nature will not find a mate in the shy and reserved nature of the man. She is more about focusing on the outside, while he likes to concentrate on providing solid platform to his home. A lot of adjustment would be required from both sides.

Sagittarius is intelligent, straight forward, extrovert, outspoken and impatient. Capricorns are brainy, sincere, reserved and short tempered. Sagittarius is more comfortable with a carefree kind of life where they can enjoy to the fullest. Capricorns are more serious about their take on life. Sagittarius is social and expressive. Capricorn is shy of the limelight. Capricorn would work from the backstage giving Sagittarius the limelight to enjoy. When these two people with very different approach to life join hands in a love match, it may seem incredible. However, if dealt patiently, this relationship holds immense potential, although it may seem unlikely at the onset, and each partner would have a lot to contribute to the life of the other.

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