Taurus and Pisces together form an idealistic relationship that lurks around the divine. Taurus is ruled by Planet Venus which symbolizes love.

Pisces is ruled by Planet Jupiter that represents Luck and Planet Neptune that represents Illusions. Neptune and Venus both emanate feminine energies and form a beautiful ethereal connection. Jupiter adds the masculine touch and contributes energy to the bonding.

Taurus is an Earth sign while Pisces is a Water sign – these two elements are considered compatible for they are both tangible. Taurus helps to tone down the sensitivity of Pisces. Taurus may also help Pisces with practical solutions to make Piscean dreams come true. In turn, Pisces adds a divine and magical touch to the prosaic world of Taurus. However, the trouble begins when Taurus gets irked by Piscean’s emotional instability and lack of worldly knowledge.

When that happens, Pisces in turn feels that Taurus is being insensitive and heartless. Taurus’ rigidity may hamper the free flow of Pisces who then may feel claustrophobic. The good point is that both would value their relationship and would as such look for ways of being loving and supportive partner to one another.

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

Both the partners in a Taurus man and Pisces woman relationship would share passion and romance that would keep the spark alive in their relationship for a long time to come. They would also try to accommodate each other’s needs and wants. Taurus loves simplicity. Pisces has a seemingly simplistic view to life. This will be endearing to the man. The man would take care of the stability and security while the woman would fill it up with love and compassion.

Taurus Woman and Pisces Man

The woman would get smitten by the affectionate nature of the man for a Pisces is always loving and sensual. The man in turn would feel secure and belonged for Taurus is known for sincerity, loyalty and devotion. His intellectual depth would stimulate her into action. He can provide the ideas, while she can make them happen. She can show her man the stark realities of life and ground him a little while he can add wings to her dreams.

The compatibility is this love match gets outnumbered by the differences. Taurus is a simple soul with a practical approach to life, while Pisces lives in a dreamland where clarity of thought often gets lost. However, both the partners are tender, gentle, compassionate, benevolent and romantic. Since these two zodiac signs are close to each other, they have karmic connections. Although Taurus is more down to earth and Pisces is more impressionistic, they both can contribute in complementing each other’s nature – while Taurus can add stability, Pisces can dare Taurus to dream. Together they can create the harmony that they both long for. This relationship needs to be given time and nurturing for it to bloom beautifully.

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