The ruling Planet of sun sign Taurus is Venus. As such, both the partners would be romantic and loving and there would also be a strong physical chemistry between the two.

Taurus has Earth elements – they are down to earth and grounded. Both have strength and stamina and can stand by anything they hold dear to their heart including their beloved and the relationship they share.

Both are sensual, sensitive and enjoy being pampered. Taurus values security of all kind – emotional security is no exception. Being Earth Sign means that both the partners would be very conscious about their possessions – home, finer things in life, creative and artistic stuff, expensive cars, good food, luxurious lifestyle – all these have special appeal to Taurus. Although both the partners enjoy being in the lap of luxury, but also can work hard to earn and compensate that. They also need to develop the habit of working out to prevent the effect of all the indulgence affect their health.

Taurus is all about stability and predictability. Once the partners are determined that they are going to make the relationship work, there is nothing that can stop them. However, if the two have strong differences, then there will always be a battle of wills, and that too a forceful one. They should always try to work together towards a common target. Taurus is represented by the sign of the Bull. These people are known for their gentle and understanding nature and practical approach to life. They are also very compassionate. Their loyalty, dedication and reliability can be vouched for. Although they are cautious about spending their resources, they have love for the luxuries of life. They have been gifted with both physiological and psychological stamina. But the downside of the game is that they are adamant and stubborn. When difference in opinion happens, both will put their foot down to stick to their own point.

In a relationship between a Taurus man and a Taurus woman, the lack of flexibility is the only reason that can cause a discord. Other than that, they shall share similar interests, enjoy the same kind of lifestyle and have similar approach towards life – so these two loving people can spoil each other to their heart’s content and have a gala time together. By nature they are charming and elegant – fighting for petty is beyond their dignity. A Taurean would never rush into a relationship – they always take their own sweet time to come to a decision – but once they are into it, it would be a relationship of a lifetime for their strong willpower and sense of commitment advice them that way.

A Taurus hates infidelity and insincerity the most. And fortunately in a Taurus-Taurus relationship that is the last thing to happen for these happen to be the sincerest lot of people. When the two partners attach more importance to each other and to the relationship rather than to the differences in opinion, this love relationship would be a match made in heaven.

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