When Taurus and Virgo come together in love, it is an affair between the sincerity of the former and the quick wit of the latter; of two down to earth beings who would bring efficiency, common sense and integrity to their lives in unison.

This is not a relationship that would spur at the heat of the moment for the people involved are cautious and prefer to take the slow but safe way in life.

Both the partners enjoy the material comforts (both being Earth signs) and are ready to work hard to earn that. Taurus’ indulgent sensuality balances the passive approach of Virgo. Although Virgo’s over analytic mind can come up with criticism that may irk Taurus, and Taurus’ stubborn nature can make Virgo feel angered at times, the good point is that they can be patient with each other and can work together to seek solution to their problems.

Venus ruled Taurus is all about sensuality and material charm while Mercury ruled Virgo is a master communicator. Rigid Taurus and flexible Virgo complement each other perfectly and form a union that is romantic, sensual and outright practical.

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman

Virgo’s woman’s magnetic charm and charisma is what attracts the Taurus man. Also her understanding nature plays a pivotal role in this. Virgo is a great mind reader and Virgo woman can read the wants and likes of her man and create the cozy comfort of home that a Taurus man craves for. Taurus’ passionate nature ignites the spark in her too. She feels soothed by the emotional and understanding nature of her man. As long as she does not make her man feel angry by being nagging, complaining or critical, there is no major chance of conflict in this relationship. Both the partners would be very loyal and dedicated to one another.

Taurus Woman and Virgo Man

Caring gentle and loving Taurus woman attracts the cheerful Virgo man and creates a loving relationship based on compatibility and commitment. Both would appreciate each other’s dedication, and because of this they would always work together to make the relationship work taking all the minor discords to their stride. Both are homely beings, love good food, and would love to fill up their home with fine things.

From an astrological point of view the love graph of Taurus and Virgo would always soar high. This is because they share similar interests and ideas – they are both down to earth and avoid rash action and fickle minded attitude. They both enjoy the luxuries of life, but know where to draw the line for neither encourages extravagance. Also both of them are dedicated and devoted to their partners. Although the possessive nature of Taurus may irritate Virgo at times, the latter would enjoy the sense of belonging. If they work together, they would be each other’s support system in reaching their respective goals.

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