One of the best times to witness the city of Vancouver come alive is the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year in Vancouver is a much-awaited time not alone for the significant Chinese population, who has made homes here but also the Koreans, Vietnamese and other people following the East-Asian culture.

The zeal with which people celebrate the festival is evident from the slew of activities lined up during this time. Whole host of activities are planned at different locations to provide the revelers with great sense of entertainment and also showcase the beauty of Chinese culture. Get a peek into the events planned to welcome the New Year before you make preparations to be at Vancouver for the Chinese New Year.

Revelers with the wish to celebrate Vancouver’s Chinese New Year in a unique manner other than watching the parade take through the city can be a part of the annual mash up of Chinese New Year and Robert Burns Night. It is sure one of the finest cross-cultural Scottish and Asian events that promise to leave the guests completely entertained. It is scheduled to take place on January 26. The Floata restaurant in Chinatown is the chosen venue for hosting this novel event. Feast yourself as there is a wide food spread planned for the event. Food lovers can choose from a vast range of signature dishes, including the haggis won tons. Story-telling sesions, the poetry of Burns and musical performances from both Asian as well as Scottish cultures would also be put up beside a special auction event.

Hosts of vibrant Chinese New Year Events in Vancouver will culminate in the annual cultural extravaganza called the Chinese New Year Parade. Display of different art forms, assembly of lion dance troupes, floats, bands, community groups and the thronging of over 50,000 spectators to catch the glimpse of the procession makes it one of the city’s biggest and best annual parades. Chinatown looks stunning as the dazzling lights surface, musical tunes are played out loud, and drums are blown hard and for long as fabulous performances keep the guests amused while the parade is taken through the streets.

International Village Mall will kick off the Chinese New Year celebrations on January 30 putting up some spectacular shows. Guests are sure to have a fun time when they come to this venue as it plans to round off the celebrations with special live performances, traditional lion dance and radio broadcasts. The upper level of the village mall will put together a unique blend of history, culture and food to form a Chinese New Year Heritage Village. Asian malls are also a great place to hangout at to enjoy the festivities.

Multiple events are planned at the Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, beginning with the Chinese New Year Flower And Gift Fair. Visitors can pick up some celebratory blooms and treats in the fair. Another good venue to usher the Chinese New Year in Vancouver is the Yaohan Mall. It will host the God of Fortune show on January 31. Capture the spectacular firecrackers burning up the night sky, listen to music and attend lion dance shows as you ring in the Lunar New Year.

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