Virgo-Libra love liaison works well for their expectations from life at large are similar. Both of them are blessed with pleasing personalities and strive to achieve balance.

The partners learn to respect each other and form a strong pedestal for the relationship to bank on. Prosaic practicality and pure pleasure matter a lot to both of these sun signs. These two complement each other in more ways than one.

Virgo gets attracted to Libra due to their charm and diplomacy – they know how to get things done by tactics even when things seem not to go in their favor. Libra appreciates the tangibility of Virgo’s love and the sheer common sense that a Virgo partner exudes. However, both the partners can be a little snobbish – Libra due to the high expectations they set, and Virgo about their quick wit and intelligence.

Virgo is ruled by Planet Mercury and Libra is ruled by Planet Venus – as such their confluence is the balance between love and communication – two very important ingredients to make a relationship successful. Virgo is an Earth sign, and Libra is an Air sign. Virgo brings to reality the theories that Libra manifests. Virgo is complacent while Libra can gently have their own way without seeming to be dominating. Libra’s indecision and manipulative nature may irritate Virgo at times, while Virgo’s fixation with perfection is not always appealing to Libra. However, both the sun signs are flexible enough to see both sides of the coin before deciding upon anything. Even in an argument, they are prepared to accept rational reasoning and are not stubborn about sticking to their point of view merely for a matter of pride. As such any argument gets quickly and amicably resolved.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman

Virgo man’s solitary nature will make the social Libran woman unhappy. Also, the man would have to learn to express his feelings more aptly. However, these two would always be devoted to each other and their home.

Virgo Woman and Libra Man

Libra man’s pining for admiration will not be met by his prudent Virgo mate. His emotions may sometimes be snubbed by the practical woman. Also the woman needs to stop finding faults.

When Virgo and Libra come together, the match will be between two people with complementary traits. Both the partners have deep rooted love for culture and aesthetics, and also like to enjoy all things beautiful. They like to surround their home with the worldly luxuries. Also, they both seek security in a relationship and make doting partners. The one point of difference is that Libra is a social being and likes to enjoy the company of a variety of people, while Virgo generally prefers to stick to the cozy comforts of home. But since both have a great sense of logic and power of reasoning, these two can resolve their differences and make the partnership a loving one.

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