Virgo and Sagittarius both have a different and unique approach to deal with life and its many nuances. Virgo is practical, focused and methodical.

Sagittarius is adventurous and happy go lucky with head always in the clouds. Sagittarius is also social, while Virgo does not share the same passion for interaction. Virgo likes communication that stimulates the mind. Virgo will have a hard time keeping up to the energy level of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius will get a little bored with the precision and method that Virgo is always going after. But as days go by, Virgo would learn to appreciate the variety and excitement that Sagittarius brings to their mundane life; and Sagittarius would start enjoying the stability that Virgo manages to secure. Virgo can provide Sagittarius a secured base and keep tab on their dreams and ambitions so that they never fall flat. Sagittarius in turn teaches Virgo to soar high.

Virgo’s ruling Planet is Mercury blessing them with strong communication skills that attribute for their analytical approach to life. Sagittarius is ruled by Planet Jupiter that is all about learning, philosophy and travel. These two would possess strong interpersonal skills and this will help to nurture their companionship. Virgo being an Earth Sign is all about stability; Sagittarius being a Fire sign is all about freedom. Sagittarius is the motivator while Virgo takes care of the execution, and these two can balance off very well.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman

The woman is all about enjoying every second of life with zest. She is social and adventurous. She loves to travel. He is an introvert and very critical about anything that does not meet his standards. The trick to make this relationship work is for each partner to develop interest in the other’s activities and take part in them. Sharing thoughts and ideas would also strengthen the bond.

Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man

In this relationship, the key to happiness is to let each other have space and freedom of their own. Virgo woman would have to tone down her commanding attitude. Sagittarius man needs to be a little more sensitive to his woman’s emotions and be less flirtatious with others. He should understand that she is very serious about the relationship and any callous attitude would make her feel that he has not put his heart into the liaison.

Considering the characteristic traits of Virgo and Sagittarius it would seem that they make a well paired couple. However, there are innate differences in the latent characteristics. Sagittarius is impassioned and whimsical – they approach life from a carefree point of view. Virgo is a deep thinker and always views every situation from a comprehensive angle. Sagittarius is a born explorer, and Virgo would enjoy dissecting the ventures with reasoning. Sagittarius may at times feel frustrated about Virgo’s quest to perfection, but with time would learn to appreciate the steady reliability that Virgo brings to the relationship. The trick to make the relationship flourish is to nurture mutual respect, understanding and adjustment.

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