Chinese people are very traditional and believe in lot of customary practice to observe New Year. To explore more about their culture, read this information on Chinese New year traditions which unfolds the various rituals in China.

Like any other part of the world, Chinese are also very excited for the arrival of New Year. This is the time when they religiously follow all the Chinese New Year customs.

Chinese New Year Tradition 2019

House cleaning is the most important tradition in Chinese New Year. All the members of the family prepare for this. Days before the arrival of New Year everything is washed and changed in the homes and business places. The shops are cleaned and immense care is taken to ensure cleanliness everywhere. It is believed by the people that sweeping and washing wades off the ill fortune and evils spirits from the homes.

Welcoming the new beginning should start with painting of the window panes and doors with red color. The entire house is painted red or people prefer red colored window dressings for this. It is one of the very ancient New Year Chinese traditions to use the color red to scare the evils.

All the corners of the home and store are decorated with paper cutting and couplets. Some of the very famous themes are ‘fortune’, ‘happiness’, ‘wealth’, ‘longevity’ and ‘satisfaction’. Children adorn the doors with paintings and decorative wall papers.

The houses and shops are decorated with red lanterns which are handmade by the members of the family. During New Year for the entire fifteen days celebrations these lanterns are kept illuminated for the entire night. These are also, known as the Lantern festival.

Chinese New Year Tradition

Chinese New Year Tradition

Knives and scissors are kept aside on the New Years day. It is Chinese New Year belief that these would cut the fortune for coming year. People also, display oranges, peaches, tangerines and pomelos which symbolizes luck and wealth.

On the Chinese New Years Eve people arrange gatherings and parties to be with their loved ones. Special cuisines are prepared to enjoy the feast on the New Years Eve. It is believed that the food offered to the ancestors’ first beings fortune and happiness to the family.

“Jiaozi” is the traditional Chinese New Year dish which is prepared by the family members. These are dumplings cooked in boiling water. The meaning of “Jiaozi” is ‘sleep together and have sons’. After the meals all the family members play games and cards.

At midnight, the entire sky is lit with fireworks. This is customary practice in China during New Year to enjoy the fire crackers. People enjoy Chinese New year songs to spread the message of good health, great wealth and longevity to all.

People greet each other and exchange gifts. The younger ones visit the homes of elder member of the family. The adults surprise the kids by placing red envelopes with coins in it under the pillow of the children.

Wishing you all wonderful and lucky Chinese New Year! Hope you enjoy the celebrations and the Chinese New Year traditions to welcome prosperity and fortune to your home.

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