Get a April 2015 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

March 2015April 2015 CalenderMay 2015
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      1 2Maundy (Holy) Thursday (Christian)Mahavir Jayanti (Hindu) 3Good Friday (Christian) 4Theravada New Year (Buddhist)
5Easter (Christian)Passover – Second Day (Jewish)Ching Ming Festival (China) 6Easter Monday (Christian) 7 8 9The Day of Valor (Philippines) 10 11Passover – Final Day (Jewish)
12 13 14Baisakhi (Sikh)Tamil New Year (Hindu) 15Bengali New Year / Vishu (Hindu) 16Yom Hashoah (Jewish)Emancipation Day (USA) 17 18Birthday of Guru Angad Dev (Sikh)
19 20 21Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu) 22Yom Hazikaron (Jewish) 23St. George’s Day (Christian)Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Jewish) 24 25ANZAC Day (Australia)
26 27 28Hung Kings Temple Festival (Vietnam) 29Showa Day (Japan) 30St. James the Great Day (Christian)    


April 2015 Holidays

Apr 02
Maundy (Holy) Thursday (Christian)
Mahavir Jayanti (Hindu)

Apr 03
Good Friday (Christian)

Apr 04
Theravada New Year (Buddhist)

Apr 05
Easter (Christian)
Passover – Second Day (Jewish)
Ching Ming Festival (China)

Apr 06
Easter Monday (Christian)

Apr 09
The Day of Valor (Philippines)

Apr 10
Passover – Final Day (Jewish)

Apr 14
Baisakhi (Sikh)
Tamil New Year (Hindu)

Apr 15
Bengali New Year / Vishu (Hindu)

Apr 16
Yom Hashoah (Jewish)
Emancipation Day (USA)

Apr 18
Birthday of Guru Angad Dev (Sikh)

Apr 21
Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu)

Apr 22
Yom Hazikaron (Jewish)

Apr 23
St. George’s Day (Christian)
Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Jewish)

Apr 25
ANZAC Day (Australia)

Apr 28
Hung Kings Temple Festival (Vietnam)

Apr 29
Showa Day (Japan)

Apr 30
St. James the Great Day (Christian)

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