Capricorn-Aquarius Cusps form the pivots of social institutions. You are blessed with a vision that makes planning possible and a strong sense of logic that makes executing those plans a reality.

You are the social reformer and thinker who is capable of bringing new ideas in the world. You know exactly how to proceed to bypass all barriers till you reach your target.

You know how to blend the unconventional dreams with the wisdom of tradition to create a unique path of your own that then becomes revolutionary.

Health – You are disciplined about your ways of life which helps you to maintain your health too. However, along with it comes you workaholic state that has the capability to all your routine down the drains. This may cause some minor health issues mainly related to strain and stress. Learn to take time off for leisure and rest or else you shall be in trouble.

Career – You are natural leaders since you have the deadly combination of vision, mission and execution capabilities. You are born to bring new ideas to the world; and you have the dedication, perseverance and stubbornness to make those ideas turn to reality. You are highly ambitious and you like to climb the greatest peak. It is not that you shall find the path smooth and trouble free – but your determination will pave way forward and take you to the top. This year those in the field of creativity and scientific research would do exceptionally well.

Family – You are one of most traditional and responsible sun signs. You deal with your family carefully and give them a stability and security that they would appreciate for a lifetime. Deep down you are a social animal and you like being around your close circle and enjoy conversation, intellectual ones that provoke your grey cells to think. However, to maintain harmony in your family you need to pay heed to their ideas and beliefs too. You generally tend to stick to your own beliefs although otherwise you are an open minded person.

Romance – You like beauty with brains – you can only relate to a person with whom your intellect matches. For someone who does not get the ideas of reform or experiment, you may come across as a cold and unfriendly person. However this is absolutely untrue since you know that life is all about team work. You apply logic to get into a relationship, but once there you give it strength and stability. Be careful that you are not so engrossed in your own thoughts that your partner feels that you are drifting apart.

Finances – When it comes to finances you are very diligent and avoid doing anything wrong. You do not like taking chances when it comes to monetary matters. However, if you sit with your money they shall never grow, you need to make investments to prosper. It is alright to be careful with your transactions. But this year you should try taking calculated risks.



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