You are blessed with a beauty that encompasses both your mind and body making you deep thinkers with great physical attraction that is difficult to resist.

You are a perfectionist who keeps changing game plan till you are satisfied fully – this may make you come across as a whimsical person to some.

But those who know you well understand that your strong work ethics and analytical skills always take care of minutest details and know not to stop unless the best is achieved. Your sense of aesthetics and style is greatly acknowledged by one and all.

Health – The initial few months of the year you should be very particular about your health. Too much stress or work load or nervousness to deliver assignments on time with accuracy can have adverse effect on your health. You should especially be careful about stomach problems. Remember prevention is always better than cure. Take up healthy eating habits and regulate your daily routine. Yoga and meditation will help you to de-stress.

Career – You bring skill and talent to your professional field and join hands with others around to create a harmonious environment that is pleasurable to work in. Logical and just, those in the legal profession would excel. Also, those in business will be gainful. Once you set a goal for yourself you do not stop until and unless you reach your target. However, sometimes the clouds of confusion take over your mind when you doubt yourself. Your only drawback is that you sometimes tend to develop a lazy attitude towards life and let everything take a backseat. Control that and everything else will fall in the right place.

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Family – You strive for peace and balance in your life and also spread it across to your family. Your social skills make you a star attraction at family gatherings. You are a just person and your unbiased opinion is resorted to pretty often by your family members. With your polite speech and charming persona you easily win the hearts of your family and extended family too.

Romance – In romance, you look for stability and devotion. But the influence of Venus makes you a playful partner who is full of surprises. Seduction and charm come naturally to you. Your attention to details makes your partner feel cared for. In your partner you look for affinity towards culture and aesthetics. You enjoy intelligent conversation and you strive to have a partner who can match up to you. Your skilled communication keeps your relationship alive.

Finances – There is a possibility of rise in financial pressure for you this year if you do not start planning from day one. Prioritize your commitments with logic and then allocate funds accordingly. If you don’t know how to control your expenses it is time you looked for help from someone you can trust with all the details. Try and avoid debts at all costs – balance your expenses according to your income – and simply stick to that.