You are the blend of flamboyant Leo and undemonstrative Virgo creating a personality that has many shades and nuances. You are blessed with skills and talents and are ready to take the lead and share your knowledge for the benefit of the world at large.

You have vitality and ambition and you never let the buck stop until you have reached your desired destination. Independent and opinionated you have the make-up of a thought leader.

Health – This will be a mixed year as far as your health is concerned. You like to live life in a leisurely pace enjoying its luxuries to the fullest. Eating disorder and sedentary lifestyle may lead to increase in weight and cause ailments related to that. An immediate modification of lifestyle is what you require. Apart from that you may complain of feeling weak and feeble. Also the cards also predict ailments in stomach and liver – but you shall be able to recover fully with medication and healthy living.

Career – You have the talent to create and also to bring together a team for a project to see the light of success. You have the vitality and ability to create and as such those of you who have adopted a profession in this sphere will see success very soon. With that you also have the industrious nature to slog to make a concept come to life. However, you sometimes tend to get nervous that this makes you slow as you progress with caution instead of confidence. You like being organized and tend to get confused if your regular routine is disrupted.

Family – You are selective about the association you make and as such may come across as a snob to some people. But interestingly a solo game is not your cup of tea. You like to be surrounded by like-minded people. You go to great lengths to maintain a smooth and easy relationship with your family. You are a devoted person on whom your family can bank for support whenever they require it.

Romance – When in love you come across as a shy individual. Your attention to detail makes your partner feel very much wanted. You are devoted to your love and expect nothing less than the same in return. However, there is also a tendency of jealousy inside you which you should learn to tame if you do not want to spoil your relationship. Your commitment and thoughtfulness will keep your partner glued to you always.

Finances – Even in the realms of finances you are a bundle of contradictions. On one hand you are organized and know how to deal with your investments, on the other hand you are lavish and extravagant spending a lot of what you make. Also there is this streak of gambling within you and your intuitive nature makes you a success at the tables more often than not. However, you should take care so that it does not turn to be a regular habit of yours.


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