Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusps are people with profound understanding of the world and can formulate techniques of their own to master the ways of the universe.

You form the cream of the society consisting of great scholars and philosophers; only if you can keep a grasp on your temper and aggressive nature. Independent and impulsive, you are stimulated by intellect and application of brains excites you be it in any field.

However, if anyone or anything comes in your way to success you are generally unforgiving and can even be vindictive at times.

Health – You are blessed with a stamina that is difficult to match up. People born under this cusp sun sign have an athletic inclination right from the onset. However, you go to great lengths to challenge that too. Your utmost dedication to your work makes everything else take a backseat and that does sometimes pose a threat to your health. You should remember that you would be able to perform the best only when you health gives you the best support.

Career – You are disciplined and determined and that makes a deadly combination to reach the pinnacle of success. You are never shy to take up any challenge. This year will bring you the opportunity for a one-to-one competition with a peer that you would thoroughly enjoy. A learner for life, you are never tired of exploring making you easily adapt to new ideas and innovations. Your love for freedom and capability to supervise makes you a natural leader bringing you success.

Family – You have an outgoing and friendly nature that makes it possible for you to maintain a harmonious relationship with all members of your family. Another plus point is that you are neither biased nor opinionated. Your politeness and warmth makes you loved and respected by all. You are never afraid to shoulder responsibilities for the sake of your family.

Romance – You enjoy the social limelight, and although you are not exactly a social butterfly in the truest sense of the term you enjoy company of friends. And when someone strikes your fancy you are not afraid to take it to the next level. People often fall for your flirtatious charm. Your partner would never have a dull moment since you are a natural entertainer who makes every-day events of life seem adventurous and fun. You bring vivacity to your romantic relationship.

Finances – When it comes to money, you are conservative and economic. You are not one of the big spenders. You can be shrewd in dealing with your finances and are not susceptible to loosening up your purse strings too often. However there also lies an independent and impulsive side in you that sometimes takes over and that may cloud your financial calculations at times. To keep this year a gainful one you should remember that it is okay to be straight forward and trusting, but only when the person before you has an established credential. This year you may even make some money by gambling.


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