When Pisces and Aries form a cusp, the person born is blessed with strong intuition and leadership qualities that make her/him a dreamer as well as a go-getter.

You are also more focused on your own self rather than being receptive to the needs of the others.

This year your compassion and sensitivity will help you reach out to more people and you shall be a catalyst in bringing out the full potential in people – you shall grow yourself, and also pull up people around you, making it a fulfilling year not only for yourself but also for those for whom you care.

Health – You are a confluence of the dual nature of go with the flow and epitome of being proactive. Either ways you love to participate in all the opportunities that come your way. This keeps your hands always full, and can take a toll upon your health. So you should maintain a balanced lifestyle to keep ailments at bay. Also your sensitive nature tends to get disillusioned easily. Remember brooding is never a solution to any problem – boost your own spirits just as you always inspire your peers.

Career – Aries represents new beginnings while Pisces has its strength in dreams and ideas and the mix of these two makes you a natural leader who can formulate innovative ideas and can execute them bringing growth not only for yourself but also for your organization. However you are not as good in running a project as you are in initiating it. You get very excited about new beginning, but then the monotony of routine hits it you lose interest and track. To achieve success this year you need to brace yourself with patience and perseverance to complete any task that you take up. Those in the creative field would do exceptionally well.

Family – By nature you are broad minded and are open to ideas – you are sensitive to the needs and wants of others. This makes it possible for you to maintain peace and harmony at home. Your innate sense of compassion makes you reach out to your loved ones whenever they need support. However, sometimes you tend to be living in your own world and your family feels that you are out of reach. This may make them feel insecure – so always champion open communication.

Romance – You are sensitive to emotions and make a loving partner. However, sometimes you like to have the spotlight on yourself alone. This may create a discord in your relationship. Also, this year it would be best for your own sake to learn not to bottle up feelings. Your partner will be smitten by your devotion and compassion.

Finances – Your sixth sense will be your guide to bring you profit this year. You should bank upon your own intuitions more rather than on the suggestion of others while making any investment. However, you should also learn to control your impulsive nature if you intend to keep the money you make. Do not take any decision in haste as far as finances are concerned.

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