New Years Eve in Canada

Canada holds the day of New Years Eve in its significant books in many aspects. Apart from marking the end of the Old Year, and being the last date of the Canadian tax year, New Years Eve also marks itself as the day of the year when everyone believes to hope for an optimistic time ahead.

They forget all their troubles and miseries of the past, and belief that with the arrival of a new time of the New Year, their fates will turn out to be fortunate for them in all aspects of life.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Canada

In Canada, New Years Eve saw many people organizing private parties, and there are many others who instead prefer to be a part of social celebrations, and thus, they move in to parties going on streets, pubs, discotheques, clubs, and restaurants. Usually, all sorts of parties are organized in Canada, from big time extravaganzas with throng of people coming in, to small scale private parties with only friends and members of the extended families invited. There are some others who wish to keep their celebrations on New Years Eve confined to their house and family members, by and large planned around a special dinner on the occasion.

In all these parties, adequate arrangements are made for music, dance, eating, and drinking, so that all those coming in can have a good and memorable time while bidding goodbye to the Old Year and welcoming the New Year. Most of these parties begin on New Years Eve and go on till the dawn of the New Year. At the stroke of the midnight, champagne and wine bottles are opened, toasts are raised, and everyone wishes one another with the best luck wishes for the New Year. One highlighting aspect of the moment is the fireworks show, which is organized in major cities of Canada.

Then there are special shows in which performers of different genres, such as magic, music, dance, traditional musical instruments, modern day instruments, rock music, poetry, acrobats, etc., which draw immense art lovers for the evening. Some major places in Canada such as Toronto also host laser shows, theater performances, and special film screenings.

Some have completely different plans for New Years Eve. They call their mates, plan a trip to a nearby nature’s scene, pack their bags, and are off to the planned location. Since, it’s too cold in Canada during New Year’s time; people love to engage in adventurous winter sports activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc. Those belonging to rural areas, such as Quebec, love to spend it sitting around a frozen lake all through the New Years Eve with a bonfire on act, while fishing, eating, drinking, and celebrating with friends.

As a part of many traditions and customs of Canada, certain acts are considered to be intrinsic to New Years Eve in Canada without which no celebration is considered as complete. The clapping, cheering, and creating noise at the arrival of New Year is considered to conclude all the bad lucks associated with the past time. Also, wishing one by kissing and exchanging gifts is considered as a traditional way of showing love for someone, and thus one can find many doing the same on New Years Eve.

There is a rigorously followed first footing tradition, as a part of which a young and dark haired male is expe3tced to arrive in the house first with the arrival of New Year, as occurrence of the same denotes good luck in the coming year. A polar bear swim is organized, in which young people are challenged to short swim through ice cold water, which is also considered to confer the society with good luck. There are many prominent and not-so prominent traditions such as eating a bowl of black-eyed pea soup, gathering coals from fireside in the midnight, and making a visit to a friends’ place on the morning of New Year, which are followed by many in Canada.

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Things to Do on New Years Eve at Home

New Year is the time when streets are crowded and party places are filled up to full capacities. One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of a fresh year is to stay away from the madding crowd and throw a party at home.

People tired of going to pubs or clubbing on special occasions can hold a New Year’s bash right at their homes. Call over close friends and buddies as well as lovable family members to join in for New Years celebrations and strengthen your bond of love with your close ones by celebrating it together.

Planning to spend the eve far away from the crowd and wondering about things to do on New Years Eve at home? You can look through some of the points given below.


Call Friends and Family To Join In The Celebrations

It is sure going to be a lot of fun to invite your friends, close buddies and a few special neighbors to celebrate the New Year’s Eve at home. You can ring in the New Year together to double the dose of happiness and excitement surrounding the occasion. The eve will become more special when people you love will honor you with their presence at your New Year home party. Draw up the list of people who will make your party lively and interesting. Avoid inviting people who are at loggerheads with each other to prevent the fun of New Year’s Eve from getting spoiled.

Spruce up your home in the festive flavor

Adorn your home with the best decorative items and light it up to give that sparkling look. Decorate it brightly to match up to the celebratory and vibrant mood of the festive season. Use of confetti’s, streaming light bulbs and other fancy decorative stuff is sure to brighten up the décor of you home. Create warm and welcoming ambience right home to let the guests enjoy a rocking New Year’s Eve at your place.

Cook Delicacies For Your Guests or family

You can also cook by yourself if you have called just a few friends or a kept a small gathering at home for the New Year celebrations. Cooking by yourself will delight your guests as it comes as a sign of how much you care to rustle up special meals for them on the arrival of a brand New Year. Look out for popular New Year’s recipes that will not take much time to prepare yet they can create a lasting impression on your guests for the party organized at your home. Include mouth-watering appetizers, delicious entrees, main course and desserts for offering a lavish meal at your house party.

Add Elements to Make Your Bash A Rocking One

Make the New Year’s Eve party at home more entertaining and exciting with interesting games. Keep games where all the guests can participate to give them a good time at your house party. If you are not throwing a party then you can also spend time with your family people and reminisce about the days gone by in the past year. Share your New Year resolutions with family members and ask them about their pledges while you spend the evening relaxing within the comforts of home on the big New Year’s Eve night.

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New Years Eve in Zimbabwe

The African nation of Zimbabwe is basically a diverse country with lots of cultures in it. Many of those different cultures derive numbers of festivals of varied significance.

New Year and celebrations made on New Years Eve is one common festival for all, which provides a opportunity to everyone to come together, to share smiles, and to celebrate the moment together as one.

With its astonishing flora and fauna, and some of the most exhilarating sceneries of the world, Zimbabwe has a lot to offer to the world. The runs of Great Zimbabwe, the very famous Victoria Falls, the historical Zimbabwean civilization, numbers of wildlife parks, and the pleasant tropical weather of the country during the time of New Year, mutually make it a perfect destination for those travelers looking to have something different.

The celebrations made during the time of New Years Eve in Zimbabwe are high on passion and fervor. Everyone enthusiastically and excitingly waits for the time to arrive, as it is a time to party and lots of celebrations. All streets and commercial buildings are colorfully decorated with illuminated lights and other adornments.

Usually, people in Zimbabwe make sure to spend adequate amount of the special time with families and friends in the mentioned order. People invite all friends and relatives to their houses to be a part of the family celebrations. Special dinners are arranged for the evening, with delicious traditional dishes on the menu. Other than that, many communal celebrations are also organized.

Most of the clubs and restaurants organize vibrant New Years Eve celebrations for the evening, putting special consideration on the entertainment aspect. Usually, live music performers from the local region are called on to perform during the evening, and some big clubs and restaurants are able to draw in eminent artists of national and international fame.

Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe, hosts the best and biggest celebrations of New Years Eve. With home to some of the biggest nightclubs, tourist places, and other classy restaurants and hotels, one can be a part of some big stage celebrations organized for the evening. Other than Harare, many major cities in Zimbabwe hosts live concerts and music performances, with huge crowd in attendance.

Among all these music performances, performers from different genre such as rock, pop, and jazz perform during the night. Thousands of people from far off place travel to arrive in these parties on New Years Eve. People cheerfully groove to the music all through the night, and with great food and drinks on the offer, celebrations get much more elevated and spirited.

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New Years Eve in Zanzibar

Zanzibaris one of the finest destinations to be at for celebrating the big night of the year- December 31st.

The natural beauty of the place, marvelous attractions and the fun party scene draws in a good crowd on the New Years Eve.

It is the place to be at if you are looking for a perfect beach New Years Eve vacation as there are stunning beaches located off the coast of Zanzibar. Here are some of the suggestions that you can follow for a grand celebration on the New Years Eve in Zanzibar.


Head to the coral-ridge Chumbe Island, situated off the coast of Zanzibar that offers the right mix of luxurious living and ecological experience. It is a perfect haven for people who want to be away from the madding crowd of the city. Couples looking for solace come to this secluded haven on the New Years Eve to review on the year gone by and to enjoy some privacy. The island paradise gives you the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the beach and tranquil atmosphere that is needed to ponder on the acts done in the past.


You can organize a camp-fire at your private beach and enjoy some magical moments with your partner by being in a thatched eco-bungalow available at the Chumbe Island. Explore the diversity of marine life in the marine protected coral park or undertake snorkeling on the eve of the New Year to have a unique experience. Tourists head to this place on New Years Eve for complete relaxation and ecological, luxurious living.


Those bored of gazing at the fireworks or hip-hopping at the discs to groovy dance tunes and wish to be close to nature on the New Years Eve can head to Jambiani beach. This pristine beach is located in south-east Zanzibarand offers a peaceful atmosphere for New Year holiday tourists. Soak in the sounds of the sea waves breaking against the shores or listen to the soft breeze blowing the leaves of the palm trees for a different kind of a celebration on the night of December 31st. Watch the beach landscape change as a change takes place in the annual Calendar. Make merry on the New Year’s Eve by hanging out at the local beer shops and tiny-friendly cafes located along the beach.


The main party scene of Zanzibaris the Kendwa rocks and the beach. Let your New Year’s Eve in Zanzibarturn blissful as you relax on the idyllic stretch of white sand and watch the turquoise sea waves hitting the shores. Head to the bar on the night of December 31st to enjoy the wide variety of drinks and heady cocktails served here. Dance with other revelers or relax by laying down the white sand beach while gazing at the blue skies, a New Year’s Eve at Kendwa beach promises to be real fun.


Another great way to usher in the New Year inZanzibaris to explore the streets and market places of the city steeped in history and discover the marvelous sights and sounds.

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New Years Eve in Washington DC

Spending the New Years Eve in Washington DC is one of the best ideas to bid adieu to a year and celebrate the arrival of another one. There are so many events lined for the big night of December 31st that you might actually get confused which party or event to attend. Ring in the New Year in the vibrant city with exciting ways as mentioned below.

You can cruise on a ship along the Potomac Riverand enjoy a mesmerizing evening of dining and dancing that is organized by cruise liners on the eve of the New Year. Gaze at the skyline and capture some of the scenic views while cruising merrily.

Dance the night away at one of the parties organized by a world-class resort or a boutique hotel on the New Year Eve’s night.Washington DC boasts of some of the finest hotels and parties organized at these addresses are sure to make your evening splendid and unforgettable. The list of leisure and entertaining activities at these hotels are endless and just an evening might not be enough to sample in all that these hotels have to offer.

Jazz music lovers can have a great evening in Washington DC on the New Year’s Eve by attending a jazz concert.Kennedy Centerhosts the best jazz musical event on the night before the New Year. You can also hit some of the famous nightclubs and check out the schedule of fantastic musical performances lined up for the evening.

Smile your evils of 2014 away and welcome 2015 with laughter by attending one of the comedy shows hosted in theaters around the Washington DC area. Join the Adam Ferrara famous for shows like the "The Tonight Show”, Top Gear, Rescue Me and ABC, NBC at the renowned Improv Comedy Club for an evening of great humor and fun.

Another great way to welcome New Year in Washington DC is to be at one of the most happening and hit sports bar of the city. Much on delectable snacks and pop up the bubble as the clock strikes midnight while the screen of the large central TV at the bar displays pictures of celebrations all around the city.

For those looking for a quiet and relaxed evening can head to any of the top dining venues at the Washington DC and relish the special menu and drinks offered only on the eve of the New Year. The best part is you can take your kids along for dinner on the eve to let them enjoy ample of amusing activities arranged on December 31st to ring in the New Year.

Make reservations at the famous First Night Alexandria for a blast at New Year's Eve party that features 100 live performances. Watch the midnight sky filled up with the spectacular fireworks.

Looking for privacy and a laidback atmosphere then spend the eve of the New Year in Washington DC by going to a nice lounge. Enjoy the champagne, party favors, appetizers and listen to some relaxing music and get cozy with your partner when the clock strikes midnight.

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New Years Eve in Venezuela

Venezuela is not some minute South American country that’s lost in space or antiquity. Its one of the most colorful, vibrant and culturally rich nation’s offering a spectacular holiday opportunity to celebrate New Years Eve. The incision on New Years Eve in Venezuela offers to guide you in your sojourn to Venezuela this New Year.

Venezuela is the place with the largest of South America’s lake and third longest river and also endowed with the highest waterfall in the world. Caracas the capital town is connected and enshrouded by green forested hills etc.

This country divided into nine geographical regions has not only lakes and mountains and water falls also has sea beaches and national park and islands to offers to the tourists for experiencing a wonderful holiday and be gifted with the memories of a life time. The other key cities in Venezuela include Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracay and Ciudad Guyana.

The Venezuela travel and tourism offers a holiday package in the best of the hotels of Venezuela. The hotels offer a variety of facilities and tourist packages etc tempting lunch and dinner packages form another salient feature of the holiday deals in these hotels.


New Years Eve Celebration in Venezuela

You can also enjoy the local songs or bands and local dance troupes in the hotels and celebrate New Years Eve in the Venezuelan style.The list of hotels offering facilities at a reasonable price is Caracas Hilton, Gran Melia Caracas, Cct Best Western, Lincoln Suits- Venantur, Las Americas Etc. the major tourist attractions in Venezuela are Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica, Palm Spring Sizzles, Costa Linda Beach and Gran Melia Caracas. The other popular destinations are canaima national park, caracas, los roques national park, margarita island etc.

The vibrant and colorful experience of New Year celebrations invariably reaches out to millions through the spectacular and colorful cultural shows and family community celebrations where people get to enjoy New Years Eve with their loved ones. The nightclubs offer a gorgeous night life with contests and facilities for couples. The children can enjoy free game shows and adults can enjoy dance and music shows and contests and lots more.

Lastly not to forget the holiday cruises and the beach carnivals which are an exotic source help you enjoy and have a gala time with your family and don’t miss out on the exclusive shopping experiences.

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New Years Eve in United States

Do you know that the celebrations of the New Year’s Eve happen to be a gala affair for Americans? They know how to bid a lovely farewell to year passing by. They also know to welcome the New Year with light, sound and action. So if you are in US this year, here are some places you can visit to witness a great New Year eve:

New York City, NY: Whenever you think of a perfect New Year eve, this can be nothing but the first choice. Every year almost thousands of people from all across the globe visit the city to be a part of the grand event of the Giant crystal ball drop, held at the time square. You can also take your family to see the famous Holiday Lights at Bronx Zoo. If you are a party animal then you can hit any hot club of downtown or midtown and welcome the New Year with a “larger than life” spirit.


Boston, MA: Though Boston is more famous for topnotch universities spread all across, but it being a younger city than the others, is quite vibrant and full of spirit to be a perfect destination during the New Year eve. Moreover the city is quite culturally rich so you get some traditional flavor here as well. The city organizes the arts festival during this time known as the First Night, mainly for the youth. You can be a proud spectator of some good parades, ice sculptures, and can also visit the historic sites along with churches, museums and others. If you wish you can be a part of the annual event at the Fairmont Hotel of the city arranged specially for young professionals and enjoy good food and drink on the last day of the year.


Philadelphia, PA: if you are interested in a good nightlife, this city should be your topping your chart. This culturally diverse part of the USA will give you every flavor of entertainment, ranging from celebrations held in the historic buildings to well crowded discotheques. Choose your pick and simply spend the night with your beloved. You can find some great cruise parties being held here on the Mississippi river, and can enjoy the beautiful firework that lights the night up as the clock strikes 12.


Los Angeles, CA: one thing that makes this city a choice of many on the New Year eve is the cozy weather during the month of December. The choice is yours-whether you want to be a part of the casino or shake legs with your partner at the luxurious ball rooms. You may opt for rocking beachside ceremonies or Bowl or be a part of the Bowl gathering at Pasadena. If you are movie buff, you can also grab some passes of those celebrity parties that take place every year on the Hollywood hills, or else you can quench the thirst of dancing at various street parties arranged each year, to welcome the New Year.

San Francisco, CA: you can enjoy the best if you are in this city for this New Year. There is an influential and huge gay community here who arrange for some great parties where as the clubs are open for all with good food, drink, and entertainment. If you can shake your legs to the tunes of salsa, you can be the show stopper. The street parties usually combine revelry and fireworks together but surely you will enjoy that a lot.


Miami, FL: Miami is very famous for arranging some best beach parties during the New Year. You can hit any club as well till early morning but you will be disappointed if you are expecting some metal rock music. The city is very traditional when it comes to salsa, or Latino. You can some exotic parties arranged specially for New Year at the BayFront Park.


Atlanta, GA: Georgia gets a tough competition in almost everything with its southern neighbor Miami, but you can’t deny that it can be a hotspot for rocking New Year parties as well. The nightlife is awesome, and though the city doesn’t have the abundance of outdoor cafes and patios like other cities, it comes alive during New Year. The city has a huge density of universities which makes it a city full of youth who know how to welcome the New Year with a bang.


Las Vegas, NV: Not unknown to anyone this city is more famous for casinos than a rocking New Year party. In fact Vegas is famous for arranging some high spirited, expensive parties at the “strip area” because the crowd is mostly found there. It being a mild temperature city, you will find more outdoor celebrations here as the year in the calendar changes. If you want to stand at the boulevard to witness the massive and live fireworks show sharp at 12’o clock, shot from high rooftops , book your tickets today!

Chicago, IL: if you are musically sound, Chicago should be the place to be in the New Year eve. You can be a part of some great house bands and rock concerts held every year . If you are lucky enough you can witness some wonderful fusions of rock, jazz or country. Chicago also happens to be a host of some hottest nightclubs that can entertain any human soul during the New Year.


New Orleans, Louisiana: This city doesn’t need a reason to party hard. In fact, the midnight bash of the New Year eve is just a new beginning to a yearlong celebration for the city. You can join the people gathering in the Jackson Square, where they dance , drink and enjoy every minute before they start counting for the New Year to arrive. You can also witness some mind blowing firework display that looks spectacular. If you still have some energy left, you can hit the Frenchmen Street where the party ends only when the first sun of the New Year rises.


A New Year always brings something new to everyone’s life. We can only hope for the best and pray to god that every New Year that arrives shows us something much better that the going year couldn’t. Wish you a very Happy New year!

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New Years Eve in United Kingdom

United Kingdom, or UK as it is prominently called, celebrates its New Year on January 1, which is the first date of the first month of the Georgian calendar. It has been more than few centuries since UK put up scintillating annual celebrations on New Years Eve.

More particularly, it first happened in the year of 1752. Since then, every New Years Eve brings in enormous amount of happiness and festivities, not only for the natives of UK, but also for hundreds and thousands of those who visit UK during the time.

New Years Eve celebrations in UK are grand and one of the best of the world, for which people eagerly waits for. It is quite obvious with the fact that New Year is the biggest festival of UK. The entire skyline and every thin and thick street of UK are decorated and illuminated with lights. It is colorful affair, and a time to spread fun and cheer.

Most of the people prefer to have their afternoons reserved for only close people. Usually, lavish parties are thrown either at home or some community place with only friends and relatives invited. Music, dance, lavish meals, and prolific range of drinks mutually make up a great party scene for everyone. Some other people prefer to spend their afternoon time relaxing, preparing, and planning for evening celebrations. Evening time is preferred to spend by being a part of community celebrations.

A lot of music concerts, live performances, theme parties, and special New Year parties are organized all over UK, which usually go past the midnight time, and sometimes even till the dawn of the next day. New Years Eve cruises are also one prominent and memorable part of New Years Eve celebrations in UK. Cruise ride through the evening, a lavish dinner in the mid of water, and an extraordinary view of UK at midnight together makes it enough to make anyone’s New year’s Eve a special one.

The biggest moment of celebrations arrive at midnight, and during few minutes preceding it. With midnight drawing closer, everyone pitch their eyes over the second stick of the clock. The countdown, either live or as watched on television, is one cherished moment for everyone when everyone gets to cheer out the last few moments of the Old Year in concord with thousands and millions. At the stroke of midnight, fireworks show is set off in all major cities of UK

The biggest New Year Parade organized on New Years Eve is one spectacular and royal part of New Years Eve. The procession, which has number of performers, musicians, dancers, acrobats, and stunning march drums mutually put up a magical spree on the street. Being an ‘open for all’ parade, hundreds and thousands of others join them during the parade. Procession passes through some famous streets of UK such as Whitehall and Pall Mall to conclude at Berkley Square in the evening.

Traditions are intrinsic part of celebrations on New Years Eve in UK. Most of them hold certain significance, and have been observed since a long time. ‘First footing’ tradition is one of the most prominent one among all. As a part of this tradition and the belief behind it, the luck of a house and people living in it are directly associated with the first person visiting the house on New Year’s Day.

If a male person with dark hair, and preferably god looks visit a house, then it is considered as a sign of good luck. In case, a blonde, red haired, or a woman visits a house, then it denoted for bad luck in the coming year ahead. A male visitor usually brings money, bread, or coal along with him as gifts for the people living in the house. In return, there is a tradition of gifting him with the holy mistletoe. Doing so is considered as auspicious and a deriver of prosperity.

‘Burning of the bush’ is another one largely followed New Years Eve tradition in UK. As a part of it, people burn bush at the midnight of the New Years Eve. Burning them represents for burning of all the past evils and negativities.

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New Years Eve in Toronto

Toronto is one of the best places where you can plan to spend the New Year eve with your family or your partner. The celebrations over there are as bold and as big just like the city itself.

It embraces all cultures and customs across the world hence wherever you are from, you can enjoy the fun and excitement that the city offers to you. There are lots of night clubs in the city where you can shake your legs with your partner. The downtown club district is the place to hang around and so many New Year events that are arranged throughout the GTA.

You can enjoy the live concerts, the performing DJ’s and all the excitement of welcoming the New Year with a bang.

Fireworks form anindispensablepart of New Year celebrations because according to traditional belief, fire and noise can make the evil run away from your life, hence almost half of the world gathers at the Nathan Phillips Square of the city where some amazing fireworks can be witnessed as the clock strikes midnight.

Not only that you can enjoy the lively outdoor concerts with celebrity performers, with your entire family, even kids. Another special event called first night Toronto that comprises of many street performers accompanied by good food and live music. You can be a part of the festivities of holiday dreams held at the Ontario Place and enjoy a lot. Some great New Year event is organised at the Queen Victoria Park that unleashes some great musical talents and makes the New Year rocking and entertaining for you.

In case you wish to visit the Toronto Zoo, you can be a part of some great events which are specially meant for kids. To make the celebration a bit different this time, you can join the New Year eve run at the Liberty Village, where you can walk or run around 5kilometersto double the excitements. If you wish to celebrate the New Year in a Scottish way, visit the Gibson House, where you can raise a toast of pure scotch and welcome the New Year.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars which you can choose in case you wish to be away from the crowd and spend your eve with only your loved ones. You can visit innumerable number of nightclubs once you are in Toronto, as nightlife in the city is rocking. For all those party animals,Toronto arranges fabulous parties with mouth watering food and amazing entertainment. Don’t forget to make reservations in advance as these places get crowded up very soon. If you are not into much partying, you can hit some classy hotels in the city where you can relax, dine and even dance to welcome the New Year in an elegant way.

Finally one great way to celebrate the New Year eve will be to be at one of those most beautiful cruises at the city harbor. You can hold hands of your beloved and enjoy the spectacular visual treat of the Toronto skyline decorated with fireworks as the New Year steps in.

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Top 10 New Years Eve Destinations

Are you among those who never leave any opportunity to party hard – especially on the New Year eve? Interestingly, though culture and customs are different in each part of the world, but every human soul likes to spend the time with family and friends, enjoying to the fullest! If you really want to welcome the brand New Year in a brand new destination, apart from your own place, here are some unique places you can consider to see the clock strike 12’o clock….

New York, USA:
Almost all the people, who choose New York for the occasion, usually visit the Times Square. For more than 100 years, around 1 million people witness the giant ball drop; where 1 ton of confetti is dropped over the city as soon as the clock strikes 12! Isn’t that incredible? Not only that, several other events like performance by some of the best artists in the world are there to catch your eye. You will definitely come across some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants and bars ever found across the globe. Can you really find some better ways of celebrating the New Year other than this?

Niagara Falls, Canada

You can spend a rocking New Year eve amidst the gorgeous scenic beauty of the Niagara Falls with your family and friends. Otherwise you can enjoy some quality of food and drinks at the Queen Victoria Park, watching topnotch international performers delivering their bests! You can also witness dual round of fireworks here as well. You can also take your family to Clifton Hill, which is an amusement park that offers all types of activities to be enjoyed by all members of the family. You can also get some live music; form some local musicians, to soothe your ears amidst the crowd. If you are up to some adult atmosphere, you can hit the Niagara Falls view Casino Resort for a “fiscal” entertainment.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil grooms itself in a far better way when it comes to New Year celebration. There is a very special event organized called Reveillon, which is a day-long carnival of music performed on different stages of the famous Copacabana beach, including dancing, eating in abundance. You can also see some traditional events like offering rice, flowers and perfumes to the almighty. The all white attire of all the participants makes the event look grand. However, you can highly join the beach parties in swim suits or bikinis at night. The most exciting part of the New Year celebration is that you will be shaking your legs with some of the best dancers in the world-the Brazilians.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you really want to enjoy the annul Hogmanay held in Edinburgh during the New Year, that too free of cost, you must plan properly and reach there much before. You can really witness the traditional street performances with some torch light processions, outdoor parties, band competitions, and fireworks, live music with plenty of drinks and food, and above all, pure entertainment at every part of the city. The organizers keep everyone’s preferences in mind and arrange it accordingly.

Goa, India

Goa happens to be India’s answer to the world when it comes to New Year celebrations. India is one place which remains warmer during December and you can enjoy every minute of your party forgetting the chill. The beaches in Goa are awesome anytime of the year and for that special evening, almost all resorts merge together to give a uniform look to the grand celebration.

London, UK

You can get a huge range of bars, clubs, and multi-cuisine restaurants to satisfy your taste buds during the New Year’s Eve. Since most of the places you can visit are not free, you need to a little search to find a cost effective place where you can enjoy some live music and great performances. Whether you hit the traditional Trafalgar Square or the trendy London Eye, you can enjoy good fireworks at midnight and welcome the Year with a smile on your face.

Tokyo, Japan

If you are ready to enjoy the New Year celebrations for a whole week, Tokyo is the best place to be. Leave apart the common concepts of fireworks, food and dance; you can enjoy some traditional food like Toshikoshi Soba or New Years Eve noodle that is specially designed with a purpose of long, healthy life. You can also enjoy the eve listening to the Watch-Night Bell or Juya No Kane that symbolizes a prosperous new year by ringing for 108 times at the temples all over the country. The crowd is seen mostly in the Tower of Tokyo, to celebrate Omisoka or New Year’s Eve celebrated in Tokyo style, some also prefer to visit the Zojoji Temple where people build bonfires, eat and drink and enjoy with their loved ones.

Paris, France:

How does it feel to celebrate the New Year in the city of love and romance? You can get some awesome street parties, or can enjoy crowd and fireworks in the Montmarte or Champs-Elysees. Enormous food, unlimited drinking and entertainment in all forms are available to satisfy every one’s need.

Koh Phangan, Thailand:

If you are interested to spend the New Year eve in Asia, Koh Phangan is the best place to be. This Thai island witnesses the wildest but biggest parties under the sun, with almost 50000 people at the same place, and the official attire being the swim suits and flip flops because while the party is on, you may take a tour under the crystal clear water of the beach. Isn’t that exciting?

Sydney, Australia:

This city is supposed to have the best fireworks on the Sydney harbor, as the two hands of the clock meets perpendicularly. The climate is soothing because it is summer here! Almost half of the world visits the place to witness this grand event. If you don’t want to be a part of the crowd you can also enjoy the festivity on water, in a boat with your beloved. Perhaps this is the best way you can start a bashing New Year!

A new year always brings new rays of hope. So come out of your shell and see how the world welcomes the brand New year with love, and warmth. Will not that be a great way to forget whatever happened in the past year and start afresh?

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