Those born under this zodiac are very shy and quiet. Aquarians or the ones who are born within the dates 21st of January to 19th February are deep, intellectual individuals who can also be eccentric and energetic.

Being the eleventh sign of the zodiac, these people are progressive souls who love to spend their time thinking how to make this world a better place. They are humanitarian, love to help others and consequently have a lot of friends.

The symbol of this zodiac is the water bearer associating to the water carrier, Ganymede, who was a beautiful Phrygian youth and also the son of Tros, the King of Troy.

As Ganymede has brought precious gift of water, Aquarians also bring to the world their amazing ideas and views. They have an inventive thought process and can be quite fixed in their opinions owing to Fixed Quality assigned to this sign. This zodiac is ruled by both Uranus and Saturn. Saturn was believed to be the father of many Gods in Roman mythology while Uranus was the oldest of all Gods.

This specific planetary combination gives Aquarius a new, radical, rebellious nature and a visionary spirit. The element associated with this zodiac is Air; this gives them an air of rare intellectuality. Aquarians can attain a lot using their broad and rational minds.

It’s also said that they are artistic and creative souls with a belief that their off-beat approach shall win over the world and make the necessary changes for betterment. The main strengths of an Aquarius individual are their vision, humanity and intellectuality. They are in the correct sense, the trailblazers of the zodiac. The Sumero – Babylonian name for this zodiac is “The Great One”.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Aquarius


  • Aquarius and Aries: An Aries will be attracted to the analytical, dynamic and unpredictable nature of an Aquarius. The fiery sign Aries will form an excellent pairing with the airy Aquarius as they love their independent, uninhibited nature and also their innovative and creative ideas. Both of them are optimistic and rebellious and does not care about what others think of them. Both Aquarius and Aries tend to be quite stubborn but in the long run Aries is the more flexible partner. Aquarius will love the spontaneity and care-free nature of the Aries. Aries prefer to be in control and this works in their favor as Aquarius doesn’t mind giving Aries the reigns. Another point to be noted is that neither of them is of the jealous kind. Also none of them are emotional and this fact is very well appreciated by both. Thus, this pairing is sure to be a hit and one of the best matches for Aquarius.

  • Aquarius and Libra: This is a playful and fun pairing and quite a few common things between the participants allow them to have a natural mental connection. Libra’s will love the quick wittiness and curious nature of Aquarians while they in turn will enjoy the romantic and harmonious way in which their Libra partner makes them feel. Both the individuals love to have fun, rational, sociable and great communicators. Both are carefree and want a best friend in each other more than a lover and they surely get so. Romantic Libra meets the experimental Aquarius to make for an excellent long term match.

  • Aquarius and Gemini: This is one of the most long lasting matches and even if things don’t go down too well as lovers they are sure to stay friends forever. Aquarians are the only zodiac that will consider you being unsure about how you want your partner to be a natural attitude without thinking that you are indecisive. Both of them are quite intelligent and excellent communicators that lead to tons of deep as well as interesting conversations. Both are creative souls and crave for some space and independence in a relationship. They hate to be tied down and hence this mutual love for space poses no problem. From the very first meeting, they are likely to get strongly attracted to each other and do so without having the emotional factor between them. Thus, this air-air match is a fairly successful one.

  • Aquarius and Sagittarius: This is one of the most potential matches for Aquarius where each of the partners compliments the other perfectly. Both are very progressive, optimistic, unemotional and upbeat signs and thus understanding receives full marks. One unique feature of this bonding is that it can thrive quite well in a long distance relationship unlike most other matches. There is very less chances of jealousy surviving in this relationship and the mutual unemotional nature causes them to be rather direct and blunt. Both prefer an articulate and intellectual partner which they do get in each other. Their curiosity about life and inquisitive natures allow them to enjoy good debates with each other as well as their preferences for socializing and busy lifestyles makes them stay on the same page.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Aquarius


  • Aquarius and Taurus: This is one of the most mismatched pairings for an Aquarius as both of them are very stubborn and possess conflicting radical views on life. Taurus prefers to commit to a relationship quite early while Aquarians are reluctant to committing so easily. Taurus prefers routines and schedules while rebellious Aquarians may seem to be undisciplined for them. Chaos loving future focused Aquarians clash with the stable past inflicted Taurus. As an intellectual person he is, Aquarius tends to be a little distant in the relationship while emotional Taurus starts to feel a bit lonely and abandoned. Aquarians may find Taurus to be quite boring, predictable and uncreative while they in turn feel Aquarians are too rebellious, unconventional and independent. Overall, these two zodiacs are completely opposite to each other which are the reason for their incompatibility.

  • Aquarius and Capricorn: This earth-air pairing isn’t that much of a success as initially they may get attracted to each other but later on their personality differences will lead to the downfall of this match. Aquarians don’t prefer the concrete plans that stable Capricorn have in mind. The main flaw is that while Capricorns have mental rules and plans to follow, Aquarius hardly does that. This pairing may provide exciting partners for short term but in the long run, this relation tends to be a frustrating one. Aquarians a bit too analytical for Taurus’s liking as they prefer a bit emotional partner but Aquarians are far from that. Money also becomes an issue as Taurus is a careful and methodical spender while Aquarius is reckless in that matter.

  • Aquarius and Pisces: The most fundamental flaw of this air-water pairing is that Pisces are too emotional while Aquarians are too rational and practical. Aquarius is like the least emotional of all signs while Pisces on the other hand is the most emotional one. Initially Aquarius will feel that the Pisces partner is caring, loving and supporting but soon the views will be replaced by needy, possessive and fragile. For the Pisces, an Aquarius partner will somewhat tend to be an uncaring, insensitive and aloof partner. As time goes by, this relationship will start to be a fairly one sided one with Pisces doing all the work and putting in all those efforts while Aquarius starts to get distracted even more. So, this relationship is a low scoring match eventually ending in a disaster.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Aquarius


  • Aquarius and Aquarius: This pairing can either be a hit or a miss depending upon the adjusting capabilities of the individuals. The major danger of this bonding is that there is an overdose of progressiveness and intellectuality with no room for emotions. The irony though is that both can gel up so well with each other that it tends to form a friendly bond rather than a love interest one. This match essentially lacks an emotional depth that can keep them stuck to each other in the long run. On the flip side however, both are outgoing, social and enjoy each other’s company. The fact that both of them are analytical, free spirited, objective and freedom loving can make this pairing turn out to greatly successful.

  • Aquarius and Leo: Even though these two zodiacs don’t have much in common, the physical attraction between them makes up for it and leads to an exciting relationship. The negative points of this match include the fact that Aquarius may think Leo to be quite self-centered and far from intellectual while Leo’s may see Aquarius to be cold, aloof and not ready to give commitment. On the flip side, both will enjoy a high level of physical chemistry and Leo’s will find Aquarius to be quite exciting and spontaneous in this matter. Aquarius will get drawn to Leo’s self-confidence, playfulness and fiery nature while Leo’s will love the rebellious nature and intellect of Aquarius.

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