Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac chart and comes right after Sagittarius and immediately before Aquarius. This particular zodiac stretches between 270th degrees and 300th degrees in the celestial longitude.

People who are born between 22nd December and 20th January fall under this zodiac sign. This sun sign has originated from the constellation named Capricornus which is the tiniest constellation of the zodiac and is located in the part of the sky consisting of other constellations that are related to water.

Out of the twelve planets in the Solar System, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. It is one of the three Earth signs along with Taurus and Virgo. The symbol assigned to this sign is that of a mythical creature which has lower body of a fish and upper body of a mountain goat. It particularly represents the ancient Sumerian God, Enki.

In the Sumerian mythology, he was considered to be the God of mischief, crafts, creation, water and intelligence. Enki was rather an exotic creature having head of a mountain goat and tail of a fish. In the Babylonian and Akkadian mythology he was later known as Ea. The mountain goat signifies intelligence, ambition, curiosity and resolute along with the ability to survive in harsh and inhospitable surroundings while the fish signifies intuition and passion.

People born under this sign tend to be practical, wise, ambitious, disciplined, cautious and patient. While on the other hand they are also pessimistic, stubborn, self-centered, shy, and moody and detached. The Sumeo-Babylonian name given to this sign is the Goat-Fish.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Capricorn

  • Capricorn and Taurus: Their relationship is completely based on trust which serves as a very strong foundation and can’t be shook easily by others. Capricorns don’t even take lying into consideration as they find it extremely unnecessary and they like to keep everything transparent when in a relationship. On knowing this even Taurus can feel secure enough to open up and do away with their need of hiding things. Even though they are different from one another they seem to understand each other perfectly. Each of them guides the other in the right direction and inspires each other to grow. The Capricorn partner will teach Taurus how to be responsible and how to achieve their goal without getting distracted and in turn Taurus can teach Capricorn the importance of being tender towards oneself.

  • Capricorn and Virgo: Even in this relationship trust plays a major role and it is what binds them together. Capricorn being an Earth sign is extremely trustworthy as there is hardly anything mischievous about them. On the other hand a Virgo is hardly unfaithful except when they feel insecure themselves. However the Capricorn partner can bring out the best in them and inspires them to be as faithful as possible.  Once they build the trust they will hardly let anyone break it.  When these two Earth signs indulge themselves in a conversation it might seem extremely boring to a third person but each other’s depth and intellect will excite them to a great extent and keep them engaged. These two signs are like the two connecting pieces in a puzzle and they are perfect for each other.

  • Capricorn and Scorpio: They both understand each other’s wants and need completely which is extremely necessary when two people get into a relationship. People will hardly find them dancing around or laughing together but they share something much deeper than that. They understand one another’s need for silence and will patiently approach each other till they open up completely about how they feel. They share intellectual compatibility and also their wavelengths match.  Together they can achieve their goal successfully and nothing can stop this power couple. They both tend to be realistic and will channelize their energy to achieve greatness and build the kind of world they had wanted for themselves.

  • Capricorn and Pisces: Both these signs are extremely skeptical and find it very difficult to trust people. Thus when they come together they have to work hard to earn each other’s trust and once they do they will respect it and will never think about breaking it. Out of all the signs the Pisces partner will inspire Capricorn the most. They will be able to share their feelings and easily communicate with each other thus building up a strong bond in the process. Both of them will pay great attention to what their partner is saying as both the signs will be eager to know more about their partner’s nature. They share a deep spiritual and emotional bonding with will grow with time. They will effortlessly bring out the best in each other.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Capricorn

  • Capricorn and Aries: These two signs hardly go together. Capricorn will find Aries to be tactless, emotionless and selfish while an Aries simply won’t have any endurance for their Capricorn partner as to them they will seem way too boring and mainstream. There will be a constant battle of ego and none of them will mellow down or just let go. They might remain in this pointless relationship for too long till they are way too exhausted o even think about getting into any other relationship ever again.

  • Capricorn and Gemini: It is very unlikely for this relationship to ever workout for the simple reason that it is Gemini’s nature to flirt with almost everyone, thinking that little amount of adultery is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. However this nature of a Gemini might be intolerable to a Capricorn as to them adultery is adultery no matter in what magnitude it is done and it is unacceptable when their partner does it. These two signs are hardly emotional but the problem lies in the fact that they hardly spark any kind of emotion in one another which make things difficult.

  • Capricorn and Leo: The main problem of this relationship is that their priorities are different from each other and they will be so caught up in fulfilling their own goals and explaining their partner why theirs is more important that they will tend to forget that every person has a different mission and asking the other person to mould his priority to suit their own requirement is just a futile attempt. They are very different from one another and this is why they will often fail to understand each other’s motive and point of view. Moreover this relationship lacks emotional stability as well.

  • Capricorn and Libra: In this relationship the strict nature of Capricorn partner right from the very beginning might make Libra feel judged and uncomfortable. This is the reason why dishonesty might creep in as Libra partner will find it necessary to hold onto their privacy in order to protect themselves from their Capricorn partner. When in a relationship with Capricorn, Libra might come off as extremely stubborn and inflexible which makes it difficult to approach them. There might be a constant war between the two and they might end up building innumerable walls between them and in turn push each other away.

  • Capricorn and Sagittarius: This is not really an ideal relationship and even if they might not loath each other there is no guarantee how long will the relationship will actually last. Moreover even if Sagittarius is one of the most honest signs in the zodiac, they are not entirely honest with their own selves and Capricorn can clearly see through this. Moreover unlike a Sagittarius, whose reality spins around believing in things and simply hoping for the best, a Capricorn has a much realistic outlook towards life and feels that the only way of getting the best outcome is by achieving it through hard work.

  • Capricorn and Aquarius: These two signs lack the emotional connection as they have very different needs. While a Capricorn requires their partner to express their emotion in a physical way and make physical contacts, the Aquarius partner however doesn’t care about all these as long as their partner could elevate them and make them feel magical. While the Capricorn partner will be too realistic and grounded, the Aquarius partner will almost never set their feet on the ground thus making these two signs way too different from each other.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Capricorn

  • Capricorn and Capricorn: As both these signs are realistic and unemotional, the relationship between the two can be challenging and is not the ideal relationship. However their thought process might be the same and they might have a lot in common. There is a sense of competition between the two.

  • Capricorn and Cancer: They will value each other and won’t give up on each other no matter how messed up the situation is. One being the most emotional sign and the other being the least emotional sign in the zodiac, the compatibility between the two can be extremely interesting. However in most of the cases this relationship reaches the perfect balance and might actually be successful in the long run.

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