This is the fourth sign of the zodiac cycle and natives of this sign are born within the dates 22nd of June to 22nd of July. The constellation of this zodiac spans between the 90th and 120th degrees of celestial longitude.

The people under this zodiac are very down to earth and homely beings with a keen intuitive and empathetic sense. These people wear their hearts on their sleeve and love to have stability and security in the lives. Their greatest strength lies in the love and care that they have for their dear ones.

They are very affectionate and committed lovers and expect their partners to reciprocate the same. The symbol of cancer is that of a crab which is related to Karkinos that was a giant crab which had troubled Hercules while he was battling with the Hydra. Much like the crab, cancer natives are quick to go back into their shells and be secretive.

They love to be at home and are quite moody read crabby. They are highly tenacious and determined and make sure things go their way. They can be rather vindictive and take the help of emotional manipulation to make things happen. Ruled by the Moon which was considered to be the Mother of the Heavens, those born under Cancer are characterized by strong maternal instincts and protective nature towards their home and family.

The Moon is also associated with fertility as well as owning the title of ruler of moods which is present in surplus among the Cancer individuals. The element associated with them is Water as they have seas of emotions inside them and they can make quite a splash with that. They are also sensible with money and are also quick to help others. The Sumero-Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Crayfish”.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Cancer

    • Cancer and Virgo: This is quite a harmonious match where each zodiac succeeds in making his/her partner better than before. Both of them have like-minded interests and keen intuitive sense that helps them to understand each other. Virgo will give its Cancer partner self-confidence and the stability and security it desires. Virgo has the patience and tolerance level to handle the mood swings of a Cancer while it in turn makes the Virgo feel needed and loved as they want. Both of them are loyal and down to earth beings. In this relationship, both have a tendency to spend conservatively and prefer to stay at home rather than going out to a party.


    • Cancer and Scorpio: This is one of the best Cancer matches and share mutual preferences of intimacy, privacy, possessiveness and commitment. Both of them are immensely intuitive, emotional, and loyal and can understand each other fluently. Cancer will get attracted by the Scorpios magnetic and charming personality and will love to be controlled in the relationship. Scorpio feel loved and secured with Cancer as Cancer’s natural loyalty will comfort Scorpio’s jealous nature. This water – water pairing ends up in a whirlwind romance with lots of romance, passion, jealousy and intensity.


    • Cancer and Taurus: This pairing is a successful one with partners having the same priorities towards financial stability, affection, home and family oriented, sensitive feelings and thrifty habits. Cancer loves to have a strong willed partner as the Taurus and is comforted and reassured by their determination. A Taurus partner will be able to satisfy the emotional needs of a Pisces and has the patient and maturity to deal with the mood swings. Taurus will be contented to have such a loyal and affectionate partner who has a keen intuitive to sense all its needs. This pairing is undoubtedly going to own one of the most comfortable and organized homes.


    • Cancer and Pisces: This is yet another water-water pairing and is an ideal one. The Pisces partner will always understand a Cancer and make sure to stay on the same page as it. Both of them are highly romantic and emotional, understanding the other intuitively and supplementing each other with immense amounts of stability, affection, care and tenderness. The Cancer will be the initiator and take control of many situations while the Pisces will back all the decisions with immense support and understanding. A Pisces partner will always show empathy and be there for its Cancer mate. They know to react accordingly to the mood swings of a Cancer which makes this one of the best horoscope matches.


Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Pisces


    • Cancer and Aries: This is not such a great match due to the two zodiacs being radically different from each other. Aries is too adventurous to Cancer’s liking while Cancer seems to be too sensitive to Aries. Aries has big ambitious plans for the future while Cancer is more or less satisfied and not at all a risk undertaker. The Cancer partner will wish to have support and mushiness from the Aries partner while Aries find these highly emotional and clingy activities. Due to this view differences, an Aries starts to feel trapped in this relationship while the Cancer starts to feel neglected. Aries look for challenges and adventures while Cancer looks for stability and security.


    • Cancer and Libra: Even though it may seem like a perfect match on the first date but major problems crop up in the long term. One of the major problems is that while the Cancer partner is searching for an emotional connection, the Libra partner is looking for a mental one.  Cancer’s mood swings often make the harmony lover Libra irritated and instead of empathy may react to his partner with a formal and sensible analysis. Other personality differences include Libra being a social and outward person while Pisces prefer to stay indoors and Libras are extroverts while Pisces are reserved and introverts. These differences make the two zodiacs understanding each other a difficult task and overall an unsuccessful match.


    • Cancer and Gemini: This earth-water pairing is not a harmonious one as the viewpoints between the light hearted and casual Gemini and the emotional and sensitive Cancer are quite different. Gemini is always on the lookout for adventure and is quite detached and rational while the compassionate Cancer believes in stability and security. A Gemini partner gives utmost importance to his independence and freedom but a Cancer likes total commitment and clinginess. Cancer people are deeply rooted in their traditions and look for a permanent dwelling while Gemini’s always crave for exploring out and enjoying a change. These fundamental differences between the two beings lead to the incompatibility and the wrongness of the match.


    • Cancer and Sagittarius: The most probable characteristics of a Sagittarius are that they are reckless, unafraid, blunt and direct speakers. They largely humor and disrespect emotions which are one of the main things overly flowing in Cancers. This plain neglect or lack of empathy in a Sagittarius’s nature largely hurts and offends the Cancer partner. Cancer’s homely and rooted spirit clashes with the carefree, spontaneous and reckless spirit of the Sagittarius. A Sagittarius won’t be able to fulfill a Cancer’s need for emotional support and empathy just like the Sagittarius partner won’t have the problems reduced in its life due to Cancer’s moodiness. Thus, these opposite natured individuals are very less likely to make this match a success.


Zodiac Signs Variable With Cancer


    • Cancer and Cancer: This pairing has both pros and cons as they include a mutual zodiac sign. Both of them have same likes and dislikes and also personality traits which can make them get along well with each other. But there also lies a possibility of it not working out as the added emotional intensities and empathy may reach psychotic levels and lose the much needed balance. Both the partners will tend to be moody and are most likely to be on a high or a low at the same time. But also, both have the same needs for security and loyalty, both love to be at home and both are attentive lovers. Thus, handled correctly, this match can work out perfectly.


    • Cancer and Capricorn: The Cancer half of this relationship is highly emotional and attentive partners while the Capricorn one may seem to be highly distant and detached. Capricorns are very much practical and analytical while Cancers are more of an empathetic and ruled by the heart people. Cancer people are infamous for their tremendous mood swings while Capricorns usually portray consistent outwardly behavior. But also, the casual nature of Capricorn in aspects of relationships is balanced by a Cancer’s overly caring and loving nature. Both of them have common traits like financial sensibility, love for staying at homes, loyalty and down to earthiness. Thus, this water – earth pairing can be an excellent one only if both the partners adjust a bit and reach a middle point.


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