Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac chart and comes right after Cancer and immediately before Virgo. Leo is the Latin for lion. This astrological sign spans between 120th degrees and 150th degrees in the celestial longitude.

People who are born between 23rd July and 22nd August belong to this particular zodiac sign. This sun sign has originated from the Leo constellation with the constellation of Cancer lying to its west and Virgo lying on its East. It is one of the three fire signs in the zodiac chart along with Aries and Sagittarius.

Out of the seven planets in the Solar System, Leo is ruled by the Sun.  The symbol allotted to this sign is that of a Lion. This lion mainly represents the Nemean Lion which was one of the twelve labors of the Greek hero, Heracles. All of the twelve labors were set by his cousin, King Eurystheus. According to the ancient Greek mythology, people believed that Nemean lion took only women as hostages and took them to its cave.

All the warriors from the towns near Nemea would thus be lured to save the life of the woman captured from the heinous beast. It was believed as soon as they would enter the cave they could see the woman, usually crying over an injury, and would rush towards her. As soon as they would be near her, the woman would take the form of a lion and ruthlessly kill the warrior, devouring his body.

After which it would give the bones of the warrior to Hades. As the legend goes, the Nemean Lion could not be killed by the mortals and their weapons. Its shining golden fur was immune to the attacks made by the mortals and the claws were sharper than their swords which could pierce through their armors, thus making it an invincible beast. The Nemean lion was finally killed by the Greek hero and son of Zeus, Heracles. Amazed and terrified by Heracles’ victory over the gigantic beast, King Eurystheus had sent the Lernaean Hydra as the second labor to kill Heracles. The Sumero-Babylonian name given to this sign is the lion.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Leo

  • Leo and Sagittarius: These two signs generate a sense of confidence and security in one another thus leaving no rooms for insecurity, jealousy and misunderstanding. Leo loves to attract the spotlight and be the centre of attraction and the Sagittarius partner seems to have no problem to give it to them. These small things make this relationship work smoothly. There is no problem of communication between the two and they can share anything and everything with each other. While a Sagittarius will help Leo to understand what fruits will their efforts bear in the future by giving them a vision, the Leo will always help out a Sagittarius when they get lost.
  • Leo and Gemini: It is necessary for both these signs to shift their focus from their own selves and pay more attention to their partner from the very beginning. In this way they can fulfill each other’s requirements and do away with the trust issues that may arise. Gemini loves to be the teacher in a relationship. As Leo pays a lot of attention to their partner’s word, it attracts a Gemini as he can do what he loves doing, i.e., make his Leo partner teach few things. While a Leo’s warmth and support can melt a Gemini’s heart, a Gemini’s childish nature will bring out the best in a Leo.
  • Leo and Aries: Even though there might be problems regarding trust issues between the two but their need of loyalty and conviction is what solves most of the struggles. The Leo will always be the more popular one and will attract people all the time. This will make a Gemini possessive and jealous about their partner making them fight for them to show others what belongs to them remain s their thus building up a strong passionate bond between the two. These two signs are connected on a deep emotional level and can understand each other’s feelings perfectly.
  • Leo and Libra: These two signs bond perfectly because of the strong communication skill they share. They tend to support each other in every aspect and respect each other. They also help each other to grow stronger and make each other open minded. These two signs are passionate about one another and their relationship might end up in marriage. Their love is the purest of all. Both of them want to be in a relationship that has a future. They want to have a nice home, children and want to grow old together.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Leo

  • Leo and Virgo: Trust is a big issue between these two signs. Everything will be alright till Leo decides to show who the King is. Leo’s popularity among everyone is too much for a Virgo to handle which is worsened if they cannot communicate with ease. There is a lack of emotional closeness between the two even though Leo craves for intimacy. Individually both these signs are passionate but everything is lost when they are with one another.
  • Leo and Scorpio: These two signs are very different from one another. While Scorpio will not let go off things and fight for their goal till the last breath, Leo will keep on chasing their passion endlessly. As far as communication is concerned, it can be extremely heated up thus making them feel irritated towards one another. The only emotions they have for each other is probably hate and they somehow tolerate each other’s presence and manage to behave in a civilized manner in front of everyone. When in a relationship, they might be extremely unhappy but still stick together as a Leo will find it difficult to accept they have made a wrong decision and a Scorpio has a weird liking for dark emotions.
  • Leo and Capricorn: What might create a problem in this relationship is the fact that both have different sets of priorities in life and might be too much occupied with it, always trying to prove why their personal priority is more important than their partner’s. They don’t understand that each of them has a different goal thus forcing one to change their priority is of no use.
  • Leo and Pisces: This fire – water pairing is not much of a success due to the fundamental differences in the viewpoints of both the zodiacs. Pisces is a person who hates fighting and is of the view that nothing is worth an argument and people should just take it slow and easy. Leo’s on the other hand have exactly the opposite view as they believe in taking a stand and argue or speak up to set things right. Leo’s may picture a Pisces partner as someone indecisive and too sensitive while Pisces get scared or put off by Leo’s ferocious temper. Pisces are introverts whereas Leo’s are rather the opposite. This north – pole – south – pole nature of this pairing makes it an incompatible one.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Leo

  • Leo and Leo: This is one explosive match that can have both upsides and downsides. The major downside is that there is a power struggle or who should take the limelight in this relationship. Both the partners have inflated egos and won’t bend down taking an initiative to end a fight. It can be a problem as both have short tempers and are quite bossy and stubborn. On the positive side, both the partners are generous, likes to enjoy an extravagant lifestyle, affectionate and enjoy complimenting each other. Both of them love to be in love and their mutual traits like energetic, loyalty, optimism and ambition can make this an ideal match. This partnership is fiery and having such dramatic partners will make this bonding anything but boring.
  • Leo and Aquarius: This fire and air pairing may either burn with a great flame or sizzle out in no time. This is an unusual pairing as there is not really anything in common between them but however they may have a physical attraction so strong that everything else falls into place. The main flaw in this relationship will be the faulty communication between them. Both the partners are from different zones where Leo is a doer while Aquarius is more of a thinker. Leo’s are ruled by the heart while its partner is ruled by the mind. But also, there are immense plus points in this relationship. Leo will be attracted to the rebellious and care – free spirit of the Aquarius while they will get drawn to your self-confidence and strong personality. This relationship has a lot of chemistry and there’s never a dull moment. This can be a fairly good match if they learn to overcome their vices.
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