Cancer and Scorpio both enjoy deep human connection and are very much involved with their partner. They also enjoy creating together a comfortable home.

Both of them are domestically inclined – they enjoy worldly pleasures and the luxuries of life. They also connect strongly with their family and extended family. Cancer’s Emotional nature controlled by the influence of the Moon complements beautifully with Scorpio’s Passion that is controlled by Mars.

Along with that, Scorpio also is ruled by Pluto that brings in the play of Power. Combined these also form the right balance of masculine and feminine energies. Cancer and Scorpio, both being Water signs, are deep and intense. Both crave for emotional security and as such are extremely loyal to one another. Curiously, Cancer is a person who secretly enjoys Scorpio’s possessiveness and even jealousy, for it makes them feel wanted and loved. This makes Scorpio open up to Cancer’s expansive heart learning slowly that heart’s dictates are nothing to be scared of.

However, both Scorpio and Cancer should avoid clash of opinions for both of them are very strong willed. Also both of them are prone to sulk and brood. Emotional manipulation, nurturing hurts for long and instigating arguments are common to both. They should come together to overcome all these to always remember what is truly important so that they learn to let go the rest.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

Cancer man and Scorpio woman shares an amazing chemistry. They complement each other beautifully. Both would be devoted to one another. The woman inspires her man to reach great heights. She shall be intensely possessive of her man, but that is something her man would secretly enjoy.

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

Scorpio man’s mystical nature complements Cancer woman’s emotional heart beautifully. The woman would also be smitten by her man’s physical charm. The man would also make his woman feel secure and belonged. In turn, the woman would gift her man the warmth of a cozy home, dedication and love, and loyalty to his family as well.

When Cancer and Scorpio come together in a love match the relationship is between two emotionally intense people and is full of passion and energy. Cancer is sensitive and caring, yet ambitious and persistent. Scorpio too is focused and determined. The similarities in the basic principles of life make them soul mates. Cancer’s quest for security is met by the powerful Scorpio while Scorpio will be happily contented with the love and affection that Cancer showers on them. Both would also share a strong physical chemistry. The only concern is that both the sun signs are very possessive about their partners – Scorpio’s possessiveness may even border around jealousy, while Cancer can be more generous about it. Both of them love their home and family and are dedicated and loyal about it. Overall, this relationship has a lot of potential to keep up the flame alive and going strong.

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