When Leo and Pisces come together in a love match they bring fresh perspectives in each other’s lives. The natural leadership qualities of the assertive Leo make her/him the protector of the meeker Pisces.

Leo is always in command of the surroundings, and the quieter Pisces is happy to play the second fiddle. Pisces, with their reserved and introspective nature, in turn helps to tone down the Leo impulsiveness. In the essence, both are dreamers at heart. When they come to love each other they complement each other perfectly to fill up any void making the relationship a mutually beneficial one.

Leo, being ruled by the Sun, is ambitious and loves to take center stage. Pisces happily becomes the audience. Pisces, being ruled by the Planets Jupiter and Neptune is idealistic, creative and dreamer. However, they also have the tendency to live in a world of fantasy and then get disillusioned later. Leo injects reality to Piscean dreams. Pisces’ soft nature makes Leo think beyond only her/himself bringing in more empathetic compassion to the relationship. Leo being a Fire sign is all about energy and action. Pisces being a Water sign is happy in the vessel he/she is put in.

The two should keep a very open and direct communication system to understand each other’s needs and desired. Thankfully both the personalities would hate conceit. Pisces will always be more understanding with their power of introspection. Leo learns humility from Pisces that makes them more sensitive to others’ needs. Both the partners are intensely emotional, and this may become an issue, perhaps the only one, unless toned down a little.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

The man’s arrogance and extrovert nature may become too much for the woman to handle at times. Pisces woman also needs to learn that her man’s faults cannot be pointed at directly or his ego will be hurt – she needs to learn to be more diplomatic in her approach. They share love of arts and would fill their life with fineries.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man

The woman brings passion to the relationship, while the man brings quiet romance. The woman likes to be the queen of her castle and her man is happy to let her take charge. However, the very social lifestyle that the woman enjoys may at times create problem with the introspective nature of the man.

Leo-Pisces relationship works mostly because Pisces never minds letting Leo play the dominant part in the relationship. Leo likes to head the family and Pisces happily adheres to the decisions that Leo makes. This lack of conflict between the two creates a strong bond of affection. Leo appreciates the peace and compassion that Pisces brings to the relationship, while Pisces admires the vigor that Leo exudes. Although the union will be a peaceful one, Leo should be a little less self centered and make efforts to find out what is going on in the mind of the quiet Pisces.

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