Leo is outgoing and exuberant. Capricorn is traditional and conservative. Leo does not hesitate to splurge to secure the luxuries of life.

Capricorn believes in securing the future by building up upon savings. Leo is very emotional and likes expressions of love. Capricorn generally bottles up feelings and outwardly sports a detached attitude. Leo believes in getting thing done via charm and social skills. Capricorn is a firm believer that nothing can beat the fruits of hard toil. Leo is flamboyant; Capricorn is simplistic and humble. Leo likes to experience the unexpected, while Capricorn is all about careful planning.

But if these differences are kept aside, there are also some similarities that the two share. Both of them enjoy comforts of the material world and like being pampered. They are persistent about achieving their targets. Because both these sun signs are devoted to their partner and to their relationship, they would put in care and attention to make things work. With time, they may even realize that they can learn a lot from each other.

Leo, being ruled by the Sun, exudes warmth and energy, but is also egoistic and self centered. Capricorn, being ruled by Planet Saturn, is all about endurance and tenacity, and takes their responsibility very seriously. Leo being a Fire sign is all about creativity and freedom. Capricorn being an Earth sign is all about method and rules. When creativity of Leo is combined with the right kind if efforts that Capricorn is always ready to put in, success is sure to follow. Both the partners in this relationship crave for love. As such both of them should remember to keep assuring one another of their sincerity, love, devotion and affinity.

Leo Man and Capricorn Woman

This match is between a very social man and a reserved woman. Although both of them enjoy the worldly pleasures, the woman will be opposed to the man’s impulsive spending sprees. The pair has to work towards keeping envy, jealousy and possessiveness out of their relationship so that they do not get alienated from one another in the long run. One good point – they would both be respectful towards one another.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

Leo woman is full of energy and is bubbling with life. She may find her man’s quiet nature to be boring and dull. She wants to be a social butterfly; he likes the cozy comforts of home. She is ready to take life as it comes and also does not shrink away from taking risks. He, on the other hand, is all about carefully planning life ahead. He gets stressed when a sudden course of events changes his life in any way. He is all about walking through tried, tested and traditional way. The match would face some difficulties.

When Leo and Capricorn come together, it seems to be an unlikely pair at the onset. However, both the partners value devotion and commitment – and this is something that would make them work towards resolving any issue that affects their relationship.

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