When Scorpio and Aquarius join hands, they should realize that they have very different needs and expectations. Their perspectives to look at life in general as well as their wants in personal life are very different.

These provide ample scope of friction. Scorpio and Aquarius are both strongly emotional, but the former directs it inwards while the latter channels it outwards. Scorpio is introvert in nature. Aquarius gets stimulated by company and is always looking to probe into the next interesting thing or person.

Aquarius loves variety. Scorpio on the other hand enjoys engaging yet intimate kind of connection with people. Scorpio’s inquisitiveness probes deep within, Aquarius’ progressiveness does not pay much attention to details. Both these sun signs have inherited traits typical to the Planets that influence them – Mars and Pluto in case of Scorpio, and Saturn and Uranus in case of Aquarius. Both these sun signs are strongly opinionated and are unwilling to compromise. Also, when in love, Scorpio tends to be a possessive and jealous partner. This is something that would offend Aquarius and convey a claustrophobic feeling.

All these said the fact remains that when these two determine to make a relationship work, nothing can stop them from doing so. Scorpio is a Water sign while Aquarius is an Air sign – so the match is a marriage between intellect and emotions – perfect to deal with life in its various nuances. When harmonized, Scorpio can teach Aquarius the blessings of emotions and intuitions; while Aquarius can teach Scorpio to give up when necessary and revaluate goals and move on in life.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman loves to explore, while Scorpio man is focused within. She with her easy going manner would be able to handle his intense emotions as long as she does not lose temper. However, his possessiveness would make her angry and irritated.

Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man

Unpredictable Aquarius man would find difficult to adjust to the high demands of Scorpio woman. They are both uncompromising and like to prove their point to be right at all times. Aquarius’ extrovert nature would also clash with Scorpio’s introvert nature. Patience is must to make things work.

To round off, Scorpio and Aquarius would need to learn to give breathing space to each other or else too much of emotions would act as a dampening factor to their spirits. There will a strong physical chemistry between the two. At an emotional level, these two have very different sensibilities. Although Aquarius generally do not mind letting the dominating Scorpio take the lead, they have the tendency of losing their temper at times, and Scorpio finds it difficult to cope up with the Aquarian mood swing. Also, Scorpio is emotionally very demanding, but should understand that Aquarius loves freedom – too much demand would actually tick the person off and convey a feeling that she/he is not being able to keep up to her/his partner’s expectations.

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