Sagittarius loves change. Their mind is always on Wanderlust. To them, variety adds spice to life. Scorpio thrives on intimacy. They concentrate on strengthening the emotional bonding.

Early in the relationship, Sagittarius may feel a little too overwhelmed with Scorpio’s demand for love, attention and the high expectations because Sagittarius’ approach to love is a more carefree one. Here comes the role of patience. They need to give time and patience to the relationship so that they come to attune themselves to each other’s needs and desires.

As they get closer, they shall realize that their perspective to life is similar. To Sagittarius, the world is a playground to experience adventure. To Scorpio, each day is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. So basically both of them like to explore, probe and learn. This would bring them closer. This will make this relationship a rolling one – one that is always on the go. However, there will be moments when Sagittarius would find Scorpio to be inflexible and stubborn, while Scorpio would find Sagittarius short tempered. But in general there will be mutual admiration.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, while Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. As such, while Scorpio takes determined courageous steps, Sagittarius has a philosophical bend of mind that is full of optimism. Scorpio is a Water sign while Sagittarius is a Fire sign making the former deeply emotional and the latter fiery spontaneous. Scorpio’s emotional attachment and Sagittarius’ flexible nature would help to sustain the relationship.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

Frank and generous Sagittarius woman will be smitten by the strong and determined Scorpio man. Both will enjoy their days immersed in adventure. However, the man needs to give his woman a lot of space while the woman needs to cope up with his high expectations.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man

Scorpio woman is very demanding in love, but she is secretive about her feelings. Sagittarius man is expressive and carefree. This may spark jealousy in possessive Scorpio woman. Open communication is essential.

When Scorpio and Sagittarius come together they can create an exciting and inspiring union. However, this relationship will need time and tender loving care to bloom fully. Sagittarius is a cheerful, energetic and adventurous person who always has travel in the mind. Scorpio, on the other hand, is very passionate, strong and ambitious and makes a dedicated lover. For Sagittarius a relationship is another part of the game of life. For Scorpio relationships are deadly serious. These two would need to spend a lot of time together to know each other and understand one another’s wants and desires. Also, they would need to handle the relationship patiently and with caution; otherwise the differences will keep growing thereby creating a rift between the two. The trick to make this relationship work is to recognize the differences and enjoy them. Once the partners start celebrating the differences, realizing that those are the spices that keep the heat up and help them to complement each other, the rest would simply be a cakewalk!

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