When a Scorpio man falls in love with a Scorpio woman the bond will be intense and passionate. By certain standards, it would be considered steamy too.

They would seem to be obsessed with one another. The romance will advance in a fast track. Their intuitive understanding of each other can bring the best out of one another. Their resolve to make the relationship work will work wonders. When truly committed, any threatening force, no matter how powerful, will not be able to weaken their bond. However, if a dispute arises, that can turn it all sour at once. In a nutshell, this relationship could either take the persons to Cloud Nine or can make their life seem to be a mess.

The ruling Planets for Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. Mars imbibes in them the passionate aggression and the courage to charge ahead. Pluto contributes power – this also ensure rebirth of a Scorpio-Scorpio relationship gone sour if the partners truly will it to happen, for Scorpios have the natural ability to bounce back after any setback. Scorpio is a Water sign. So, love for them is a deeply emotional affair although they may tend to bottle up their feelings. They also tend to nurse wounds for long.

For the relationship to flourish, these two need to learn to savor the ups forever and forget the downs in a jiffy. Another factor that can create trouble is jealousy. This may result for both being very dedicated may get immensely possessive too. With that they also need to learn ways to handle their pent up emotions and feelings or else these may poison the relationship by turning toxic with time. So basically, Scorpio needs to learn to let the hair down at times and letting go. With that they need to master expressing their feelings. This is all that would take to make the relationship work.

This union is between two enigmatic and charismatic personalities who also possess strong opinionated minds. The attraction begins due to their mystic charm. There would be a strong physical attraction as well. These are stubborn and adamant people to whom going the middle way has no meaning. They can do anything for those whom they consider their friends. But if rubbed the wrong way, they can get very vindictive too. This is applicable even in case of romantic partnership. They can make very loyal and passionate lovers, but if things go wrong, they can ever turn into bitterest foes.

Also, although they are never too comfortable showing their true feelings, they are very good at understanding their partner. In a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman, there are too many common traits between the two. As such, the relationship could be abundant with either joy or conflicts. If the two partners are determined to make the relationship work, and can keep aside their anger and jealousy, the relationship can be a successful one.

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