The guiding Planet for Taurus is Venus, associated with Love. Cancer is influenced by Moon that is associated with Emotions. Both the celestial bodies exude Feminine energy.

It is often alleged that Cancer bottles up feelings and keeps them fuming deep within unless one day it spills over. Taurus, on the other hand, is open and communicative.

Taurus is honest and upright, while Cancer is diligent but likes manipulating from behind the scenes. But what seals the bond is that both partners can get oblivious to the outside world and can enjoy each other’s company only – this creates a cozy intimate bonding between the two that they both cherish.

Taurus is an Earth sign, while Cancer is a Water sign – these two are astrologically compatible elements. Water nurtures the Earth while Earth provides Water the ground to play on. Taurus’s stable views and composed state of mind help to balance the emotional turmoil that Cancer often faces. Taurus’ rock solid support can bring out the best in Cancer and can become the latter’s muse and creative inspiration.

Cancer will dream of creative ideas and then Taurus would take up the execution part making the teamwork a fulfilling one. The only drawback is that Taurus may sometimes feel frustrated about Cancer’s mood swings which may make Cancer feel unwanted and unsecure. Taurus and Cancer are both homely beings who value the comforts of home, a partnership and simple luxuries of life. They create a perfect family that is mutually nurturing.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

This partnership would survive for the partners can both understand and satisfy each other’s emotional needs. He adores her for her creativity, and this acts as an inspiration for her. His protective attitude makes her feel wanted and secured. She in turn gives him the comforts of home that he yearns for and also the emotional support.

Taurus Woman and Cancer Man

Loyal, dedicated, sensitive and homebound these two make a perfect pair. The only hitch may be the fact that she needs to often adjust to the moody tantrums of her man, while the man needs to learn how to open up about his feelings. Communication will be of utmost importance here. Come what may, these two are likely to cherish their relationship as long as they live.

Taurus and Cancer are both blessed with sensitivity and composure. Both of them value family and partnership. Both of them have caring nature, are compassionate towards people and are liked by family and friends alike for their sincerity and simple ways of life. All these common traits help them to create some very intimate moments that make their relationship a special one. Both Taurus and Cancer are too involved in their relationship making their team a reliable one. A mutual love for home, security and family life makes their match an ideal one from the astrological point of view.

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