Taurus and Leo make a compatible love match for they understand each other’s needs. In fact, they have similar desires.

Taurus loved being cherished by dear ones, while Leo is never tired of compliments. They are also both very possessive and sincere as far as their relationship is concerned. Both also nurture a love for materialistic possessions and enjoy the comforts of life. The only hitch can be the stubborn nature that both possess.

The ruling Planet for Taurus is Venus (Love) and for Leo it is the Sun. Leo as such is personification of warmth that she/he radiates all around. Leo is known for their energy and enthusiasm. Taurus on the other hand is softer by nature and adores the finer things in life. This combination of Masculine and Feminine traits is what makes the relationship sustainable. Taurus is an Earth sign while Leo is a Fire sign. One strives for security and love, while the other aims for fame and fortune.

Taurus and Leo are both determined and stubborn. If they get into a fight for supremacy, the relationship would be doomed. The problem is that apart from their obstinate nature, they are also both averse to changes. This may cause confrontation. Both of them need to learn the art of adjustment if they want to stay hooked to one another.

Taurus Man and Leo Woman

The one factor that brings a Taurus man close to a Leo woman is passion, which they both share equally. There will be some hitches when the outgoing Leo interacts with one and all and even is flirtatious at times – this hurts the quieter and possessive side of Taurus. Financially, Leo is all about splurging, while Taurus is more conservative in his spending pattern. Both have to understand each other’s view points to make the relationship work.

Taurus Woman and Leo Man

Leo and Taurus both are egoistic, and this can create serious trouble. Leo always wants to be the center of attraction. Taurus has to gulp down her ego and provide her man with the spotlight he craves for. He, in turn, would shower her with love and attention. The woman may also find it difficult to save for the rainy day given her man’s spending spree. But most importantly, they need to learn to keep their temper and pride under control.

Taurus and Leo are both very strong personalities. They have many common traits – determination, decision making abilities, strength and stamina. However, Leo likes flamboyance and attention from all and sundry; Taurus feels comfortable in the cozy company and appreciative gestures of near and dear ones. This relationship would be between two energetic souls to whom love and passion are of utmost importance. This would survive the heat if both the partners realize that they cannot dominate one another. Once they realize that, they would work on ways to work with or work around each other, and the perfect harmony will be achieved.

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