In a love union between Virgo and Scorpio, there is an intense karmic bond. The relationship is between two immensely loyal individuals who like to delve deep into relationship making strong ties.

They do not need the outside world either for company or for entertainment – they like to stick to each other and can remain that way happily. They can come together magnificently if they want to work towards a common goal.

Virgo brings order and method to the union, while Scorpio makes sure that the situation is under absolute control. Both of them also value worldly resources including inheritances and gifts of property. People around them can depend on them for reliability. But the problem may arise for Virgo is withdrawn and Scorpio is opaque by nature. They have to learn to share things with one another to nurture the bond.

Virgo is ruled by Planet Mercury and Scorpio is governed by the Planets Mars and Pluto. These unite to bring in communication and passion into the relationship making it a sizzling one. Virgo is more about the consciousness of mind, being an Earth sign; while Scorpio, being a Water sign, is all about the intensity of emotions. Scorpio brings energy to the relationship while Virgo balances it with practicality. Virgo is simplistic in approach while Scorpio is about undercurrent of passion. In case of an argument, Virgo does not hesitate to take the steps back so restore peace and order. While Scorpio can teach Virgo to read between the lines, Virgo can teach Scorpio to take things at face value at times.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

The Virgo man is peace loving. Scorpio woman too abides by that. However, Scorpio has the tendency to bottle up feelings, and when it becomes a lot more than what she can handle, she explodes. The man has the commonsense to gauge where to make the buck stop. This restores harmony soon. The couple would enjoy the partnership overall.

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

This pair would need to adapt to the needs of each other’s changing moods. They would have a strong physical bond. The intense passion of the man will be balanced by the prosaic nature of the woman. The woman would also help the man to communicate better to express his feelings. She herself would need to be a little more patient though.

Virgo and Scorpio have difference in their innate traits. Virgo is a perfectionist, critical and methodical. Virgo is also very expressive about their feelings and they manage to do so with strong logic and reasoning. Scorpio loves power and does not even hesitate to manipulate to get things done their way. Scorpio also has a very secretive nature. Virgo will be attracted towards the magnetic persona of Scorpio; while Scorpio will be drawn towards the loyalty that Virgo gifts her/his partner. However, both have deep respect for commitments and loyalty, and this alone can form the base of a fulfilling relationship.

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