2015 UK Holidays provide a guideline to you about the public and bank holidays in the United Kingdom. This would come very handy round the year whether you are planning a holiday in the business or need to organize your business plans for the year. Here is a comprehensive yet compact list of Holidays in United Kingdom in the Year 2015.

List of Holidays 2015 in UK

Name of the Holiday
Day of the Week
Compact Description
New Year 2015 1-Jan-15 Thursday New Year’s Day begins in the United Kingdom with the somber gong of the Big Ben that announces the advent of the New Year. People gather together amidst a lot of lights and festive fire crackers to sing Auld Lang Syne. The country comes alive with a huge number of New Year’s parties.
Hogmanay 2-Jan-15 Friday Meaning “last day of the year”, it is kind of an excuse to let the celebrations and of course the holidays to continue. Traditional celebrations include First Footing where the first male to enter a home is believed to bring luck. Symbolic gifts are also exchanged.
The Prophet’s Birthday 3-Jan-15 Saturday Muslims in UK commemorate on this day the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, who they believe to be the messenger of Allah. Special prayers are organized at the mosques.
Epiphany 6-Jan-15 Tuesday This kind of officially brings an end to the Christmas season for it is believed in the UK that it is not auspicious to hang on to Christmas décor after this day. This is actually the twelfth day after Christmas, and as the legends go, this is believed to be the day when the Three Magi brought gifts for Baby Jesus.
Orthodox Christmas Day 7-Jan-15 Wednesday This is Christmas day as per the older version of the Julian calendar.
Orthodox New Year 14-Jan-15 Wednesday This is the New Year as per the orthodox version of the Julian calendar.
Burns’ Night Local observance Scotland 25-Jan-15 Sunday This is the day that pays tribute to the bard Robert Burns, famous for his composition (among many others) “Auld Lang Syne”.
Tu Bishvat/ Tu B’Shevat (Arbor Day) 4-Feb-15 Wednesday This is the day when United Kingdom honors Nature in accordance to the Jewish customs. It is the day when people plant trees and eat produces of trees.
Valentine’s Day 14-Feb-15 Saturday Also known as Feast of Saint Valentine, this day commemorates the martyrdom of Saint Valentine who welcomed death to uphold the spirit of love. So this is the day when people express love for their dear ones.
Shrove Tuesday 17-Feb-15 Tuesday The Tuesday prior to the Lent is a fasting period for many Christians.
Ash Wednesday 18-Feb-15 Wednesday This is the day that marks the beginning of the Lent period. Lent is the forty day period that is considered extremely auspicious by the Christians who often fast during this period which they believe would cleanse their souls.
Chinese New Year 19-Feb-15 Thursday This is not a public holiday in United Kingdom, but the huge concentration of Chinese population in the country makes it a celebratory period of up to two weeks marked by traditional Chinese décor, lighting, dancing and feasting.
St. David’s Day 1-Mar-15 Sunday Saint David, who is the patron Saint of Wales, is honored on this day.
Purim 5-Mar-15 Thursday The Jewish community in the United Kingdom celebrates the day which according to the Book of Esther is the one when many Jewish people got saved by seeing through a conspiracy to kill them.
Mothering Sunday 15-Mar-15 Sunday The fourth Sunday of the forty day period of Lent is celebrated as Mother’s Day or Mothering Day. People visit the Church they were baptized in. In modern times, the custom has also developed to spend time with and to gift to mother, grandmother or other mother figures.
St. Patrick’s Day 17-Mar-15 Tuesday The Patron Saint of Ireland St. Patrick is honored on this day and people wear green and organize parades to mark the occasion.
March Equinox 20-Mar-15 Friday This day announces the advent of Spring.
Daylight Saving Time starts, Clock change/Daylight Saving Time 29-Mar-15 Sunday This day marks the beginning of the British Summer Time which is from the last Sunday of March to the last Sunday of October.
Palm Sunday 29-Mar-15 Sunday This is the day when Jesus is believed to have successfully made an entry to Jerusalem. In many Churches priests bless with palm leaves from which this day gets its name.
Maundy Thursday 2-Apr-15 Thursday This is the day that commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper and is observed on the Thursday before Easter. It is a tradition in UK for the King to give Royal Maundy money on this day to senior citizens.
Good Friday 3-Apr-15 Friday This is the day when Jesus’ is believed to have been crucified. Apart from special prayers many people go meatless on this day.
First day of Passover 4-Apr-15 Saturday Jewish community in the United Kingdom celebrates this day when they believe that God passes over homes in Israel.
Holy Saturday 4-Apr-15 Saturday This is the Saturday before Easter and is considered very auspicious by the Christians for it is the day when Jesus is believed to have laid in his tomb. This day marks the end to the forty days of fasting that was observed by the Christians during Lent. Churches often arrange for prayers in the dark after which candles are lit.
Easter Day 5-Apr-15 Sunday This is the day when the Christians believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected. Midnight masses are very common in Churches across the country. It is also a tradition to eat lamb on this day. Confectionaries play a great role in Easter celebrations as people bake not only Easter Eggs but also various kinds of candies and sweets.
Easter Monday 6-Apr-15 Monday This is the Monday after Easter Sunday. It is a holiday in many parts of the country. Traditionally, the day is marked by bottle kicking ceremony.
Last Day of Passover 11-Apr-15 Saturday This is a non working observance of the Jewish community and marks the end of the Passover period.
Yom HaShoah 16-Apr-15 Thursday This day honors all the Jewish people who lost their life in the Holocaust.
St. George’s Day 23-Apr-15 Thursday This is the day when the patron Saint of England, St. George, died while trying to save the life of the Princess from a Demon.
Shakespeare Day 23-Apr-15 Thursday This is the day to honor the country’s greatest playwright, Shakespeare, and the country pays tribute by organizing plays written by him.
Yom Ha’atzmaut 23-Apr-15 Thursday This is the day when Israel became independent and the Jewish community celebrates this day since they feel one in spirit with Israel.
Early May Bank Holiday 4-May-15 Monday What began as a celebration to mark the advent of summer later became associated with the Rights of Workers and till date this day is observed as a holiday.
Lag Ba’Omer 7-May-15 Thursday This day marks the end to the traditional mourning period of the Jewish people.
Ascension Day 14-May-15 Thursday On the 40th day after Easter, Christians believe that Jesus’ ascended to Heaven as is mentioned in the New Testament.
Isra and Mi’raj 16-May-15 Saturday The Muslims commemorate this day for they believe that the Prophet undertook a journey Mecca to Jerusalem. This day also marks the Prophet’s ascent to Heaven.
Pentecost 24-May-15 Sunday Christians believe this to be the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon them.
Spring Bank Holiday 25-May-15 Monday The last Monday of May each year is a bank holiday.
Shavuot 25-May-15 Monday The Jewish people believe that on this day God gave away the Torah.
Whit Monday 25-May-15 Monday This day continues the celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Christians.
Trinity Sunday 31-May-15 Sunday This is the Sunday after Pentecost and it is the one that upholds the doctrines of Trinity.
Corpus Christi 4-Jun-15 Thursday This is the day that honors the Eucharist.
Ramadan begins 18-Jun-15 Thursday This day is the beginning of a month long fasting that the Muslims observe.
Summer Solstice 21-Jun-15 Sunday This is the longest day of the year.
Father’s Day 21-Jun-15 Sunday This is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June each year in honor of Father and Father Figures.
Orangemen’s Day 13-Jul-15 Monday This is the day when the Battle of Boyne happened.
Lailat al-Qadr 13-Jul-15 Monday This is an auspicious night during the holy month of Ramadan when the Muslims believe that a person’s fate is written.
Ramzan Id/Eid-ul-Fitar 16-Jul-15 Thursday This is the day that brings an end to the one month of Ramadan fasting for the Muslims. On this joyous occasion, people attend special prayers, wear new clothes, donate to charity and make merry with family and friends.
Tisha B’Av 26-Jul-15 Sunday Jewish people commemorate this day to remember all the incidences of oppressions on them that also include the destruction of the First and Second Temples.
Summer Bank Holiday 3-Aug-15 Monday This is the day when the summer break and the summer season gets officially over.
Assumption of Mary 15-Aug-15 Saturday This is the day when that Virgin Mary is believed to have ascended to Heaven.
Summer Bank Holiday 31-Aug-15 Monday The last Monday of August is observed as a Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Rosh Hashanah 15-Sep-15 Tuesday This is the day to celebrate the beginning of the Jewish New Year.
September Equinox 23-Sep-15 Wednesday This marks the beginning of autumn or the fall season.
Yom Kippur 23-Sep-15 Wednesday Also known as the Day of Atonement it is the day when the Jews believe that if they repent for the sins they may have committed then they be blessed by God and be forgiven too.
Bakri Id/Eid ul-Adha 24-Sep-15 Thursday This is the day when the Muslim citizens of the United Kingdom commemorate the faith in Allah and remember the incidence when Ibrahim or Abraham did not hesitate to sacrifice his son at Allah’s will. Symbolic sacrifices are practised.
First Day of Sukkot 27-Sep-15 Sunday This is the start of the seven day period that is considered extremely auspicious by the people of the Jewish community.
Feast of St Francis of Assisi 4-Oct-15 Sunday This is the day when people honor the Patron Saint of Nature and Animals, St. Francis. People take their pets to have them blessed.
Last Day of Sukkot 4-Oct-15 Sunday Also known as the Feast of Tabernacles, this is the day when people participate in special prayers.
Shmini Atzeret 6-Oct-15 Tuesday This is the end of the season of the Jewish custom of public Torah Readings.
Muharram 15-Oct-15 Thursday This is the day when the Islamic New Year begins which is calculated as per the Hijri calendar.
Daylight Saving Time ends, Clock change/Daylight Saving Time 25-Oct-15 Sunday This is the day when UK time changes by going back an hour.
Halloween 31-Oct-15 Saturday This is a day to celebrate departed spirits and is done by partying in spooky themed celebrations.
All Saints’ Day 1-Nov-15 Sunday This is the day that honors all saints and martyrs who dedicated their lives to uphold the doctrines of Christianity.
All Souls’ Day 2-Nov-15 Monday This is the day to honor all departed souls for Christians believe that all departed souls are cleansed at the Purgatory before they are ascend to Heaven.
Guy Fawkes Day 5-Nov-15 Thursday This day celebrates when the conspiracy of the English Catholics to burn the House of Lords was busted, and is celebrated amidst firecrackers.
Remembrance Sunday 8-Nov-15 Sunday This is the day to honor all the martyrs of wars that were held in the past. Many observances are held at the various War Memorials. The country observes a two minute silence is at 11am.
First Sunday of Advent 29-Nov-15 Sunday This is the first of the four Sundays preceding Christmas. This is called the Sunday of Advent since this marks the advent of the Christmas season.
St Andrew’s Day 30-Nov-15 Monday This is the National Day of Scotland when people honor of St. Andrew, who is considered to be the Patron Saint of Scotland.
First Day of Hanukkah 6-Dec-15 Sunday Known as the Festival of Lights this is an eight day period when the Jewish community celebrate the rededication of the Jewish temples by lighting the Hanukkah lamp, eight candles or eight oil lamps.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 8-Dec-15 Tuesday This day upholds the Christian belief of Jesus’ Immaculate Conception by Mother Mary.
Last day of Hanukkah 14-Dec-15 Monday This marks the end of the eight day period when the Jewish people celebrate their victory in the times of history when their Temples again got dedicated. As a mark of this victory, Hanukkah lamps are lit. Some people also light eight candles or oil lamps for this occasion.
Winter Solstice 22-Dec-15 Tuesday The day marks when the Earth experiences the smallest daylight period and longest nighttime.
Christmas Eve 24-Dec-15 Thursday This is the day before Christmas. People spend this day by making last minute preparations for celebrating Christmas. Midnight Mass is a tradition that is upheld.
Christmas 25-Dec-15 Friday This is the day when Jesus Christ is believed to have been born. People attend prayers at Churches and celebrate this day with fun and feasting with near and dear ones.
Boxing Day 26-Dec-15 Saturday This is the day after Christmas that was spent by employers to donate gifts and incentives to the employees. Later, this day came to be celebrated as a Sporting Event.
New Year’s Eve 31-Dec-15 Thursday This is the last day of the calendar year and people prepare with zest and zeal to give farewell to the year going out and to welcome the year coming in.

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